Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring and Love

I can feel it....Spring is coming.  I know many of you already have warm sunny weather.....We do not.  I woke up this morning to a light dusting of snow.  I do see signs of spring however.  My garlic is starting to grow and daffodils are starting to push through the ground.  

Pretty soon the bees will be flying around.

I will also be able to start one of my new found activities.  Morel mushroom hunting.  

Spring is also a time for love.   

Gus and Scatter have an interesting relationship.  

They really enjoy being together.  

They like to groom themselves. 

They also play.  

By the way....it is hard to get a cat to sit still for photos.  This is why there is a double image in some of these pictures.  

Gus is always very patient.  

Love, and spring.......

I like this shot.  Looks like we caught them doing something....naughty.  

Two more lovers......

Sometimes Bumble can be demanding.  Only when Zippy is loving his ball and not her.  

Bumble even shares her chair with Zippy on occasion.  

This is sometimes also a love-hate relationship.  We will not go into that.  

Even the horses are in love.  They know that soon it will warm up and they will get to go on great adventures.  

Otis and May sharing a tender moment.  
(More than likely they were really chewing on the fence)

Otis and Ollie sharing a not so tender moment.  Just remember....don't be a JackA.....Share some love.  

Hey......I get no respect! 
(that is why I chew the fence) 

Spread the love and have a happy spring.  


  1. That must have taken some time to get all of them to show their love! Great sequence of shots. I just love animal photography, and you have captured some very un-posed, natural moments! Spring is in the air!!!

  2. awesome pictures! Looks like every buddy is celebrating spring
    Benny & Lily

  3. Awwww - i love these, Jill.

  4. I just love your stories. And with a boxer, boxer/olde english bulldog, a german shepherd and 2 cats, I can totally identify! Now, if I could just fit a couple of horses on my city lot...

  5. Thanks guys! oharris10-I bet you could sneak a mini in.

  6. Jill...what a great series of photographs. I hope your snow has long since disappeared! Your animals ooze with personality.

  7. Your pet photos made me smile. Your animals are such good subjects. My dog likes to groom my cat. It's pretty comical. Of course, she also like to pounce on the cat, which the poor feline doesn't like so much.

  8. Great animal photos! I have a difficult time photographing Millicent the Wiener-terrier because she never sits still, is always a blur. We have some interesting cat-dog relationships going on here too...