Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bumbles bounce but they do not swim.

We have had an unusually frost free and warm spring.   Since it was a really warm day and the dogs were hot, we decided to go visit the stream.  

Let's go Bumble!

I just love the stream.  The only problem is that I do not swim.  I have a life jacket for deep water, but I really only like to get my feet wet.  

Zippy likes the water and will go all the way across.  It is really too shallow for swimming.  

After all of the snow that we had this winter the springs are flowing out of the woods and into the stream.  

Just beautiful

There are lots of unusual trees around here.  

Check out the large burls on this one.  

Wow, this one has a burl right at the base.  

Something is amiss.  Where is Zippy????
Bumble.....have you seen Zippy?

Yeah...while you were checking out all of those silly trees, he took off.  
He went this way.  

He is over here!!!!  He is chewing on something.  
(Just like him not to share)

Zippy!!!!  We were so worried!  What is that you are chewing on? 

Just a old dried up deer. better stop and come right back over here!  

Well.....okay......only if I have to.......
I can't believe that Bumble ratted me out. am I going to get back across?  I am scared.  

Don't worry Zippy.....I will save you.  

Oh.....wait.....I don't swim.  

Um.....sorry Zippy.  It's all you man.  You can do it!  Just jump in and go.  

Bulldogs......they are so unreliable.  
I think if I climb up this waterfall, I can make it.  

Great Zippy.....You did it.  You made it back!

Okay......Zippy.  You better stay with us this time.   Let's go back to the house I have had enough.  


Come on Bumble......I want to play.


Look I am flying.

That is nothing.......Check this out. 

Hey look the six legged dog.  

Where????  Where did he go?  

The end!


  1. Oh my!!! You guys sure did entertain us. What a great place to hang out in. Bumble you better not go near that water. You are like me, we'll sink
    Benny & Lily

  2. These dogs of yours are something else! I'm so glad that you spend such good times together! Love your doggie posts. Bumble is such a good story teller!

  3. Love the flying Zippy photo! It sure looks pretty where you are.

  4. ABSOLUTELY ENCHANTING and sooo funny and so pretty photos you made of these super-sympatic doggies.......just magnificient!!!!!!!
    have a great week!
    elvira from Tuscany