Monday, April 5, 2010


This weekend was a fun filled time.  Not only was it Easter weekend, but it was unusually warm and nice here in Western NC.  Since we have not ridden in a while because of the weather, we decided to go out for a spin.  The horses were ready to roll.  They were feeling frisky and eager to go out for an adventure.  

This is Eco.  He is my ride.  I must also say that he is the most perfect horse in the world.  Ha ha ha.  At least I think so.  I got him from my Aunt and have known him since the day he was born.  He was a wild little thing in his youth and had an accident when he was a yearling.  He broke his neck and my Aunt was determined to save him.  She massaged his neck and pampered him back to health.  Other than not being able to turn his head all the way to the left and carrying his head a little crooked, you would never know he had a problem.  Pretty amazing if you ask me.  Thank you Pepina!

Okay.....we are off and running....or off and doing a corto.  

Since our trails are still covered in debris form the Dec. ice storm we had to stay out in the open.  We stopped by my folks little cabin to check on things after a short stint in the riding ring to work out a little spring wildness.  

Off again to check out the neighbor's house and say hello.  No one was home......

Back to the house, and poor Danza.  She was not happy to be left alone.  

When we got back; we gave the horses a rinse.  

Tried to get a picture of Oracle, but he was not going to cooperate.  I think I had a total of 6 shots of him with his eyes closed.  

I think he was upset because he got a bath.   

After the ride, we worked in the yard until late afternoon.  Got my fountain running and added a bunch of compost to the garden.  Brian decided that he wanted to play golf, so off we went to the neighbor's course.  

Here is the view from the first tee.   I hit a great shot and just knew it was in the hole!  Unfortunately the ball was about a foot from going in.  Oh well....

This is the view from the second tee. Our house is right above the Christmas tree field.  The white looking rectangle on the top of the ridge.  You can see the flag for the second hole at the bottom of the row of white pines.  

We teed off and.......Brian got a hole in one!  

Here we are at the third can see the flag a little higher than mid photo.  As some may know, last year I got two consecutive holes in one.  A course record.....At least it was a record.

Brian teed off and guess what........

Another hole in one!  Now we have a tied record.  

View from the third hole.  Since we had a golf record I decided that after golf, we would go and play pool.  (We also have a neighborhood pool hall. )  I mistakenly thought that maybe.....just maybe I could redeem myself and win something.  This was our Easter Eggstravaganza pool tournament.  Well, needless to say.......I did not win.   I will not reveal the score, but let me tell ya.  It was not pretty.  

Thus ends the Day-O-Fun.   


  1. Eco is a looker! Beautiful mane. I'm glad your Aunt saved him. Looks like a good ride. I have yet to get out of the ring. Hopefully next weekend.

    That golf course looks fun. I'd actually get out my clubs if I could hide out without the "real" golfers around.

  2. I love the story of your crooked-necked little Eco! He's one very lucky boy. We still have too much snow on our trails here, especially for our older, out of shape critters. Thanks for sharing your ride. Makes me anxious to get out there too.

  3. What gorgeous pictures.Eco is a cool name. Mom said I can't change my name. Oh well
    benny & lily

  4. Nobody's perfect, so I'm glad your Aunt took the time to rescue Eco. He looks like a fine boy. I wonder how many animals are lost because people don't want to take the time to work with them?