Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Super Duper Top Secret Project...Revealed!

Well, well, well......They are finally going to hang the Top Secret Project.  I am so happy......I should go pick up my sister so that she can see what is going on.  

Hey......sister.....want to ride?  We are getting ready to hang the Super Duper Top Secret Project!!!
By the way....it happens to be a BARN QUILT! 

Oh YES!!!   I want to go too!  

Brian and Larry the Magnificent arranging the pick up of the project.  Larry has all of the best toys.  His backhoe is a neighborhood favorite.   By the way so is Larry.  

Hey.....either Larry has changed his look or that is someone else in the driver's seat.  

Oh wait....Now I see Larry.  

This is so much fun......

Hey....look...a parade.   

Almost there....

Hey mom.....why are you not helping????

Bumble, someone has to take pictures, you know.  

Okay....I will pick up your slack.  Just a little to the right please! 

Larry the Magnificent.  

Oh that looks grand.  I sure hope everyone likes it.  

Maggie.....jump for joy!  We finally got the project up.  WooooHoooo.

Hey.....wait a minute......Maggie!  I think your dad just left without you!!!!  

Dad!!!!!!!   Wait for me!!!!!  

I would like to thank Caryl Bryer Fallert who gave me permission to paint her quilt "In The Marsh #1".  You can follow the link to Caryl's website by clicking on her name.  Thanks once again Caryl!  I would also like to thank Larry the Magnificent and Tom, Liz and Douglas.
A huge special thanks to Brian who helped gather the materials, put together and paint the barn quilt.  
Also a shout out to Mike and Franze who have no clue that this is even on their barn.  


  1. I LOVE this!!
    Jill, you and Brian did a lovely thing.
    the quilt is gorgeous.
    Thanks very much for sharing it with us all.

    i just love our neighborhood.


  2. Geeeeeze, Jill, were you a nervous wreck while they were moving it??? It's so BIG!!!! Beautiful! :) Feel free to hang the next one on my barn (uh, shed). :)

  3. wow, we never saw a barn picture. Very cool. You guys are so adorable. We only have little pictures.
    Benny & Lily

  4. That is absolutely STUNNING!!!

  5. Love the barn quilt. This is the kind of surprise I would be very happy to have. I think you are a very good friend. I would love to have a Larry the Magnificent in my neighborhood.

  6. What a great post. Every photograph is special.
    You did a great job with the barn quilt...we have a tour of these in our area.

  7. That is so cool! What a wonderful place you live in.

  8. Fantastic! I bet your friends were surprised!

    There are no barn quilts that I know of in Texas. Around here they build barns in the middle of big ranches so even if there were barn quilts you would not be able to see them from the road. And most Texas barns are made out of corrugated tin and look fairly dilapidated. Sigh.