Friday, June 18, 2010

Hands, Hay, Hay eaters and Flowers....and Frogs.

Well....I really think that someone needs to cut this hay.  I am so too short for this.  

You think you are too short.....look at me!!!!

What a relief!!!  Short grass for short legs.  

At least the butterflies like it.  

Because of a recent hand injury, my husband was unable to help with picking up our hay.  The hay is from my parent's farm. dad helped me load the hay and then I hauled it back to our place.  

My poor little truck worked very hard.  
So did my dad!!!  Happy Father's Day!!! He he he.  

My parent's farm is very pretty.  I also must add that the hay is very nice.  


Larry the Magnificent also got some hay and helped us bring more in for our horses.  His truck and trailer can handle much more hay.  
Thanks LTM.  

The day that my husband hurt his hand, we caught our wild mini mule Ollie to have his feet trimmed and give him a makeover.  Oh, and the hand injury had nothing to do with Ollie.....That happened later in the day. 

He is such a wild thing.  He may be small, but he is very very strong.   A Mighty mule.  

Just look at that cute face!

What!!!   I thought I was the cute one. is me Fran the frog.....I am the cutest. 
Besides.....just look at my beautiful flower.  

Speaking of beautiful flowers......

After getting behind on blogging from visiting doctors and hauling hay......My flowers are a welcomed sight!

The butterflies love these foxgloves.  

Me too. 

My Canterbury bells are just beautiful this year. 

Blooming like crazy...

My delphiniums are also going wild...Here you can see how tall they are.   Those are my giant pumpkin plants in the front.  

I love the blue and purple that blend together in these.  

This is a wild orchid.  Of course, I am unsure of the name. 

It has huge leaves. 


The end.


  1. Wow, beautiful pictures. Ollie is very cute wonder if mom will let me have him to play with. (Forget it, she said no). Hope Paws hand is better
    Benny & Lily

  2. I'm glad to see someone can cut hay. Here it has been so wet hay cutting is out of the question and it looks like there's no relief in sight.

  3. Sorry to hear about your hubby's hand! Your parents hay field is lovely. The foxgloves are beautiful with their attending butterflies. Ollie is a cuteface! It is always delightful visiting your blog!

  4. Jill, what a beautiful and clever blog. I found my way here from TGAF. Looks like you live in paradise. So glad you are enjoying it. Thanks for sharing it via your blog.