Monday, June 7, 2010

Walks and Gator Rides

Picture of the garden in the back yard.  In the center of the picture you may see a brown blob that used to be my Hinoki Cypress.   When the snow was so deep this winter the deer ate anything that they could find including all exposed evergreen trees that they normally would not touch.  

The garden next to the entrance of our house.   I made the water fountain out of concrete.  

Zippy ready for a walk?  

The sky looks a little scary, but I guess we will go.  

It is so hot and what is up with all of this grass.  Someone needs to eat this stuff!

Yeah, where are those horses when you need them? 
Horses, like donkeys and mules, are so unreliable.  
Dogs are much better.  

I thought we would never make it to the top!   I am so hot!  A hot and hazy day.  I need some shade.

Look Zippy!!!  I found a good spot here under the May Apples.  He he he.

A Bumble Apple. 

Look at those locust blooms!  I love the smell of those.  

Yes.....You really should stop and smell the flowers!

Makes life a little better. 

What really makes life good is M-U-DDDD!!!!

Looks like mom would learn.  White dogs + Hot day = Mud bath.

Ha....also a "real" bath!

Quit being a mud hog Bumble......Move over!

Ahhhhhh.............Now that is more like it!  I am so glad we came here today.  

Did you hear thunder?????!!!!!!

Well....We did need a bath anyway. 

Bumble we have to take Grammy some eggs.  She is making a cake for us.  

Oh Boy!   I get to go to Grammy and Grandpa's house......

Hey Bumble...Do you want to take the Gator? 

Yes!!!!!   A gator ride!!!

Good, we will take Gus for a swim on the way.  

Get in. 

Bumble....can't you see the warning!  You must get into the seat. 
You could fall out.  

Okay!!!  I can see better here anyway.  I also like to ride in the back.   

Gus how was the water?  

Mom will not let me swim without a life jacket.  

There is the barn quilt that I.......I mean that I helped make.  

Egg delivery made!!!  Okay on the way home I am sitting in the back.  I like the way the breeze blows back my hair......I mean ears.   A little Who reference for some.  

Hello horses!

Oppps!!!!!   I must have scared those crazy things.  

I love Gator rides!
He he he and scaring the crazy horses.  

Night all and see ya later Gator!  


  1. WOW! Wherever you live, you are in heaven! It is absolutely gorgeous there! How fun to have the pups, the horses, all those beautiful gardens and countryside. I am jealous! Can Weezer and I visit you and take a Gator ride too? ;-)

  2. Hi Bulllie Mama! We live in Western NC. Beautiful Watauga county. Weezer would look grand riding around with Bumble. Visitors are always welcome around here.

  3. What a fun adventure to be on and you took me right along - thanks...I'll be back. I love where you are and you are and animal lover like me in an area similar to our's stop in and visit jennsthreegraces Jennifer :)

  4. That was fun - let's do it again!

  5. Fun! I think B&Z must have a built-in mud detector!