Friday, May 28, 2010

Gardening and Grass

Today we are going to talk about how beautiful the flower gardens are and share a few pictures of the yard.

Wait a minute.................

Hold the presses.

This is MY blog!

What about me???

Well...Bumble it is really Jill's life and not Bumble's life..........Besides I am the one that knows how to type...

Okay...back to the gardens.

The poppies are just starting to bloom and WOW...are they big.

I think the blooms on this one are about four feet tall.

Okay Bumble.....I see you back there...trying to sneak into the picture.
I love the color of these, but also enjoy the more traditional orange red.  

I thought this was a neat shot with the bee buzzing around. 

The orange ones are also beginning to open along with my some of the other spring bloomers.  

Ha ha ha......Check out these bloomers.....ha ha ha.


The foxgloves are in abundance this year.  I wonder if the snow cover we had this winter has something to do with that?  

I am not sure what type of insect this is, but I love his color!

BuZZZ.......BUZZZZ.......I am a Bumble bee.......

Okay...Okay....let's go for a walk!

Well.....It is about time!

La la la la.......Hurry Bumble.....they do not call me Zippy for nothing.  


Wow....look at that view!  The colors are so pretty.  Hard to believe we were walking around up here in the snow just a couple of months ago.  

The grass is getting pretty tall too. 

Kind of takes your breath away...

Looks like we are going to have LOTS of blackberries....I can't wait!

I think this is the kind of day to just sit back and enjoy the view.  

Bumble.....where are you???




This way Zippy!

I lost you in the tall grass.   Sorry!
I guess it is time to go.....Mom has a golf date.  

Beautiful Elk Knob State Park!  This is part of the view from the neighbor's "golf course".

Here is another view from the course.  Just beautiful!  

What a great day!

The End of another fun day.  


  1. Now that's a beautiful post. You live in breathtaking country. Aren't we both lucky to enjoy such great living space on a day-to-day basis? Again, wow!

  2. What a beautiful post Bumble. We know its all about you..
    Benny & Lily

  3. My favorite bee picture is the one of Bumble bee! HA! Love, Weezer.

  4. I am speechless. Absolutely stunning (you too Bumble!).

  5. Jill...I just caught up! Kudos to you for many things: your photography (the macro shots are amazing), the gardens (and the good care you give them)...the beauty of all your critters (that look very happy), Bumble and Zippy (who have a remarkable vocabulary)and a piece of property that looks like heaven. You must be very busy!!!

  6. The gardens and views are spectacular! Bumble & Zippy you are in your element!