Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beautiful flowers and a shout out to some friends

In honor of my friends Benny and Lily; I thought that I would see what it was like to be French.  You see my friends Benny and Lily are French Bulldogs. 

This is their birthday month!  They were both born in the same month.  

I am a little embarrassed because I did not get them a birthday present.   So I am writing to tell them Happy Birthday Month! 

Now I think that I will take a nap!  

For some reason my dreams are really heavy.........zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ha ha......very funny mom!

Walk time!   Wow, Bumble look at all of the beautiful clouds!

That's nothing.....look at all of these beautiful flowers!!!

Oh yeah.......look at these!

Amazing....these flowers cover the fields.  What a fantastically beautiful day!

You know Bumble.....this is one of the most peaceful places on earth!


Yes it is peaceful know, I could use a beer.  Great suggestion Zippy!

I did not say beer.........I said DEER!!!!!

Come on!!!!!

Oh....ha ha ha...

Now this is more like it.   A good deer chase and some MUD!

Okay guys......time to go home before this goes too far.

Hello horses!

There is Scatter Cat on top of Mom's trellis!

That is concrete you know.  

Look at that beautiful Iris!  Oh no it is starting to rain!!!
We better hurry!

Boy I am glad we made it home before we got too wet!  
I love our walks!


  1. I love your walks as well! Bumble makes a lovely French Bulldog. The bearded iris is beautiful.

  2. Bumble, you look so _enchantée_ in the hat! Tell your mom I love the faux bois trellis! I must learn how to do this stuff myself, as our property is aching for such sculpture.

  3. OMG, too cute! Love your bullies! Miss Weezer sends schloppy kisses your way!