Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to Judy May and a Hotdog adventure

Happy 4th Birthday Miss Judy May!  
Here she is when she won second prize in a local pet show.  She was voicing her opinion about the llama that "stole" first place from her.  

Here she is with her half brothers.

We love you Miss Judy May and Happy Birthday!!!  

On to the Hot Dog adventure.............

Man I am one hot dog.  My tongue really sticks out when I get hot.  

It just gets longer and longer. almost blocks Zippy from being in the picture!

I sure do wish that we had some water to play in.  It is just not right for Bulldogs to be hot.

I know that there is some water around here somewhere.  

Hey look at this beautiful Magnolia bloom!

What on earth is this.......
What is that saying.....a snake in the grass is better than one biting me in the nose.....Or something like that...
Okay, okay...I will get away from that snake!  

Gosh......I am so hot.....where is Zippy????

Hey Bumble..........Look!  I found some water!!!!!  It is so cool and refreshing.  Come on and dive in!  I am so glad we found this water......


Mom are you upset?

I do not know why.....we were just cooling off!

Oh man.......come on Bumble Mom says we have to get out.   What a party pooper.  

I just do not get it.  Why is she upset? 

We were just having fun!  

Yeah.....I do not get it.  I can not imagine why she is so upset.
She said just wait until we get home.....Maybe she is going to give us a present!  Come on Zippy hurry up let's go! 

Then the next day after getting baths the crew went on another walk.
Just look at beautiful Elk Knob State Park!

The sky is so clear and pretty. is so beautiful out here!

I guess so Zippy, but I am getting hot again!

Oh no!

Zippy look to see if Mom is watching! 


Okay!  Come on Zippy!!!!!!

I don't know about this Bumble.....Mom is going to be really mad.

Oh......she will get over it....Jump in!!!!!!

The end and on to give baths........again!

The horses are next!  


You will all smell like a beautiful flower when I am done!  


  1. A dog's gotta do, what a dog's gotta do .... especially if the dog happens to be white!

  2. Happy Birthday Judy May. Your dogs are very entertaining, from where I sit. Because I don't have to clean them up! Bulldogs just can't be hot, so what is she to do? Zippy is only helping out.

  3. That tongue is impressive! It is that bath time of year, isn't it?

  4. Okay..that tongue could win a contest! BOL..We luv your house its like that doctor doolittle persons with all the animals. Your momma is so cool letting you getting dirty. Butt why the bath?
    Benny & Lily
    PS Momma still said we can't get a pet like Judy May cause they don't allow Judy mays in condos.

  5. That is one loooooong tongue! And my, you are all looking very tall in your shadows.