Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Morel Search

Apple blossoms

The apple trees are in bloom!  It is time to start hunting for morel mushrooms.  

Let's look over here.  Lots of May Apple plants are coming up.  

Nothing......no morels!  


Here is a neat tree!  The tree grew around a rock.  
No morels here either....when are we going to find some???

Look here!  No....go this way Zippy!

Crested Dwarf Iris!  Beautiful!!!

Not sure what this flower is, but it is beautiful too!

Zippy.....I am getting tired.  Maybe we should just stop and rest. 

Now wait a minute....what are morels anyway...or is it morals?  I can't remember.  
Whatever it is.....I know we do not have any of them.  I am a little worried.  
What are we going to do?  


Hey Bumble........Do you smell something good?????

Oh yesssss!!!!!!!!!!   I smell it.  

He he he.......we might not have any morals......but we do have deer bones!  

Yes......let mom find the morals.   I have bones to chew.

Searching for those morels or morals made me tired.  
Time for a nap! 


  1. Beautiful flowers and cute dogs. What more can a person ask for?

  2. The next time those pups go out looking for "morals," let me know ahead of time, please. This almost made me spit coffee out my nose!


  3. Who cares about those morels any way. You make up for it by those cut smooshy faces. Great scenery and flowers!
    Have a fun day
    Benny & Lily

  4. Love those dogs ... morals or not! (Especially the photo of Zippy looking off into the distance and Bumble looking toward you. They really do appear to be scanning to horizon.)

  5. Bumble and Zippy, I'm sorry you did not find any morals, but the mystery plant you discovered looks to be Uvularia sessilifolia, also commonly called Wild Oats or Sessile Bellwort.

  6. Wild Oats!!! I had that on the tip of my tongue! I misplaced my wildflower book and could not remember. Thank you Flowerweaver!