Saturday, June 26, 2010

Well....things are kind of down around here.  

I am a bit depressed and down.  

You see, my dad hurt his hand and then my mom got this stuff called shingles.  Shingles, shmingles.  That stuff has to go.  I do not like it one bit!!!

No one feels like taking me for a walk

What about me?????

I even rolled in the dirt and no one cared. 

I guess that I will just stay here and feel sorry for myself


Oh Bumble.....Cheer up!!!!

Remember last week when Grandma and Grandpa celebrated their 50th anniversary!
We had a party and we had a cake!  

That was fun. 
Mom will feel better soon and we can go for more walks.  
Don't be so silly.  

Think about the cake!

Think about Grandma and Grandpa.  How fun the party was!!!!

Think about the beautiful golden sky for a golden anniversary!!!!!
What a treat!

Zippy!!!!  I AM starting to feel better!!!!!
I have lots to be thankful for.  

Oh Bumble!  I love you!!!
I will keep cheering you up.  Watch this. 

Ha ha..Wooohoooo..........

He he he!!!!  What a goofball.  

Zippy you are funny.  

I am really starting to get happy!   

Hey, I have an idea.....Let's ask Mr. Owl how long we have to wait for things to get back to normal.  

Maybe he can help.  

Mr. Owl....How many licks does it take to get to the center......oh, I mean how many licks does it take to make everything better?

Okay......Mr. Owl thinks that it will be a while and take many licks.......he says that we will have to entertain ourselves for a while.  

He he know what that means!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MULE CHASE!!!!!!!!!!

Here muley..........GRRRR


Bumble!!!!!!   You better stop doing that!!!!!!!!
What are you thinking!

Oh Zippy......a girl just has to have fun ya know.  

Yeah, but not like that......You know you are not allowed to do that.  

Oh Brother!  

I am going to play ball.

See you can entertain yourself without getting in trouble. 

You just do it the Bull Terrier way. 

Find a hill and roll the ball.


WEEEEEEE............Love this driveway.  

Well, it looks like I have my hands full.....I have to keep Bumble out of trouble until things get back to normal.  Not easy.  I mean it is not easy for ME to stay out of trouble, now I have to keep HER out of trouble.  We are in for a long haul.  

To be continued............


  1. Oh aren't they just priceless!!! I hear shingles is really painful, hope it gets cleared up soon.

  2. Oh no...poor mamma. We will keep our paws and all our feets crossed that she feels better. You guys are the cutest ever. We are happee to see you are no longer depressed. Go lick moms face and your Paws hand.
    Benny & Lily

  3. Poor Bumble - your mama will get better soon!
    Hope you're feeling better and back to your walks mama!
    Those cute little steel bulldog figurines - where did you get those? If you made them, you need to make more and sell them to us Bullie lovers, I want one! SO CUTE - your doggies, your little figurines and you!
    Feel better soon!

  4. Hope you both are on the mend soon!!

    That owl statue is beyond cool!!!

  5. Bumble, Cheer up. Your mom can use a cheerful face. There's nothing better than a smiling Bull Dog to make a person laugh out loud!
    Take care Jill. Hope that you feel better soon.

  6. Oh-no! That's definitely no fun! Bumble & Zippy your likeness is captured so well in the sculpture. Take good care of your mom & dad. I have bronchitis and Starley and Millicent are trying to cheer me up with canine antics. Especially since they discovered they cannot buy patience at Tractor Supply!

  7. Jill - this is priceless and I love it. and I hope you're feeling better.

  8. Your dogs are a major source of entertainment for me! Hope you are both better soon. I think Bumble will be hard to control.

  9. Thanks for all of the well wishes! Still on the mend and getting better every day! These dogs do keep me on my toes.

  10. Jill...I love your pictures and the text is perfect. What sweet puppies. The flower shots in the previous post are beautiful...what a setting!

    I sure hope you two recover quickly! Your hay looks soft and yummy.

  11. Zippy is definitely a goofball! Love the photos and narration. Hope you are getting better.