Monday, August 15, 2011

A little fairy tale and a long awaited PUPDATE.

Once upon a a land far far away.  There lived a Bull Terrier named Zippy.  
He was a fun loving fellow that enjoyed many a fine frolic
through the open fields and meadows.

Then one fine day...he went out to play.
He looked high...he looked low
but he could not find his ball.

Where did it go??...He did not know.
Then he looked down...and guess what he found??

Not one, but TWO red balls!

The end.  

I have been trying to grow some Chinese noodle beans.
I planted early, but I am just getting blooms.  I hope that they produce.
It seems a little late to me.  

My vegetable garden is looking pretty wild.  
Just pulled onions and have been harvesting beans and peas.

There is a fungus among us.
I found this beautiful...whatever it is...
in the woods the other day.  

Drum roll please........

What you have all been waiting for...
This really is what we have all been waiting for.
I waited to post this weekend until I received these unbelievably cute photos.  

Just look at that face!!!

We get to pick her up in only a few short days.

What the???

What on earth is that???

Someone really needs to talk to that dog...

I have never seen anything like it.

Look Otis!
That dog is nuts.

We already knew that.

Trying to jump over the pumpkin.....Ha!!

Excuse me Miss...
What do you think of the recent news of the dog jumping over the pumpkin???

No comment???

Sir....What do you think of it??

No comment...

Miss....please give me a comment.....

Oh well....

Even the deer don't know what to say.

The end.


  1. I just want to squeeze that little puppy!! I love the one where she's sitting in the grass looking up! Can't wait till you bring her home!! I'm coming to visit!! :>

  2. The Smudge-Puppy photos are precious, but I have to say that the 2nd photo of Zippy, the one of him pouncing, and a couple of the gentle eyes of May the donkey are really good personality captures too!!
    What is your guess on how Zippy will react to the Smudge-Puppy?

  3. Oh,I just love the pumpkin jumping picture! Ha!

    Your puppy is so sweet and adorable :-) I love her face.

  4. Oh my goodness we love the post. Zippy you got some air. Hopefully you did not jump in the whole. Wait til lil pee wee arrives, whooa!
    Benny & Lily

  5. Jill...the photos of Smudgie are beyond beautiful. I can just imagine how anxious you must be to have her in your arms. Zippy is going to love having a buddy. Great shots all around have such gorgeous creatures in your lives.

  6. Oh, Jill!! We can't wait for Smudgie's arrival!!

  7. MJ...I am crossing everything that I have in hopes that Zippy will have a good reaction to Smudge. I know it will take a long transition period with limited play sessions. It took us quite a long time to be relaxed with he and Bumble. If his reaction is problem...we are prepared as we already have to keep Zippy and Gus separated. I have a feeling though...that Zippy will be ready for a friend.

  8. Yay! Zippy hit the jackpot!
    Such an adorable pup...

  9. Ok, Smudge makes me swoon. That first picture is incredible, but I also love the second to last one as it looks like she is being sassy and talking. She is truly beautiful. Her tail is wonderful. I have had many problems with tail infections with bullies with tightly curled tails. Hers looks very healthy. Jill - I love your attitude about the introduction to Zippy too. So happy for you guys - and what a life Smudge has ahead of her!!

  10. Smudge was so pooped, she just had to sit after all that picture taking. Zippy is going to have to take her on a full tour once you're done with her of course!...:)JP

  11. Smudge's little smudge is so cute! Zippy is so happy, I enjoyed seeing him leaping. I'm surprised Otis did not eat the microphone. I hope you had a wonderful trip, and can't wait to see more of the little one!

    PS. I had a wonderful time in NC and hope to be back soon!

  12. Flowerweaver!!! So glad you had a great NC visit! You will have to post the details...maybe more details to come?? Ha! I am also very surprised that the zucchini microphone made it through the interview.

  13. What a darling pup! I am completely smitten.

  14. Could pup mania have arrived yet? In regard to your garden report, I've had a bizarre garden year. My tomatoes won't turn red. Some plants got flowers but no veggies followed. Lots of leafy greenness but no produce. And the rain has left a mildew on many plants. Very disappointing first garden attempt at my new house...

    Thanks for drawing my attention to "When Pigs Fly". The book may be a help with my Latte terrier issues.