Sunday, August 7, 2011

A little donkey dilemma.

Scatter cat....
Check out those nails.

Not scattering.....very unusual.

I took one of my pumpkin sculptures and filled it with dirt and I love the way it looks.
Petunia hair.

My newest concreteation.

A small birdbath...approx. 24" tall.

Remember this???

Those beautiful sunflowers so tall and majestic.


A determined donkey + a little wind = great treat for determined donkey.

May was rather pleased with herself and did not want to share with the others.

She stripped the leaves first and then went for the seeds.

"That's what you get lady....when you plant stuff like this so close to the fence."  

"You even laughed at me.....ha....who's laughing now?????"


Barn quilt looking good and holding up.

Little Opal...
She is growing like a weed...
Making her mother very proud.
Getting some good gains (giant pumpkin lingo) this week.
Grow em Big!!! (More giant pumpkin lingo)

Check this out...One giant egg in the carton this week.  
Local eggs from local chicks...Ha ha ha.. "Pupdate"  I have not gotten a new photo this week...
It is driving me nuts.
Hopefully we will get one sometime today. 

My friend MA is still in the hospital getting skin grafts for her damaged arm...Two more surgeries this week.  


  1. Love the new birdbath! Your long eared critters know what's good for them. Please say hello to your friend that is still in the hospital. I wish her well with the new surgeries. That's goin' to be one honkin' pumpkin.

  2. I wish I knew the donkeys loved sunflowers. I just pulled out a ton around the bird feeders! I LOVE the cat that won't scatter...beautiful!!!...:)JP

  3. I love it. Everything you have on your blog is a wonder and joy.


  4. Who would have thought the donkeys would be so taken with the sunflowers? Great photographs.

  5. No pupdate???? I have been looking forward to seeing how she has grown all week!! I am totally living vicariously through ya'll. Love all of the pictures!