Saturday, August 20, 2011

A squirmy situation...

Gus taking a well deserved swim.  

Just do not stand too close when he gets out.

A little worm story

The other day while picking snap peas in my garden.
I had a bit of a problem.
I was wearing my Crocs (without socks..of course) and just having the best time standing there
eating and picking peas...when I felt a little coolness on the side of my foot.  
I thought...just a piece of grass or a weed...(you see I was standing on straw..about 4 inches of it).
It never occurred to me what it actually was.  
A WORM the size of Kansas!!!!!
Before I could register what was happening...
It shot into my Croc like a rocket and went under the arch of my foot!!!!!
Squirming around like the evil little slimy thing that it was.
I was jumping around...peas were flying...along with a scream or two....
and maybe a few other words...
I finally flung my Croc...along with the giant worm across the yard.

It took me a Yuengling and two hours of therapy to get over it.  

You see...I have a worm phobia.
For some reason...I don't know why those little critters jump out of the ground at me. 
I do not know why they torment me so.  

My onion crop.
Or part of it anyway.

My Walla Wallas are really nice this year. 
I knew that old Charleston Forge bakers rack 
would come in handy some day. 
A pretty classy onion dryer...if you ask me.  

We are the only folks around with a Parkway tag on our Gator.
(Don't tell LTM or he will have to get one too.)

Zippy and I took a walk up to my neighbor's property the other day.  I needed a break after the (shudder)...
worm incident. 

It is almost a mile walk one way.

Guess who followed me??

Scatter cat!  

She had a great time and took a long cat nap afterwards.

This is Oracle.
He is a "special" horse. 
We got him from a very special family member and he means a lot to us. 

He is a wild man.

Almost to the point of being a little crazy.
I really just think he is a genius. 
He is a lot like Zippy. 

Even the others think he is a bit nuts. 

Always entertaining and always perfect when we ride.
His wildness is really more of a playfulness. 
A curiosity.
A personality the size of Earth.  
All in one small little Paso Fino package.

He and Zippy are two animals that share a shall I say this...
Loose bolt.  

Always into something. 

The funny thing is that they seem to have a kindred spirit. 
They like each other, but they also are a little scared of each other.

"They" played this little game the other day.

Zippy rolled the ball under the fence.

Oracle chased it.

Then I retrieved it........Somehow I became involved.
Then I had to throw the ball for Zippy....

Then it all started again. 

This photo shows Oracle's true spirit.  

I just liked this shot.

Zippy says......No Pupdate
we are picking her up tomorrow!!!!!!

Stay tuned for a cuteness extravaganza.
Thank you Lee Ann for the fantastic bag of goodies for little Smudge!!! 

Also a note about my friend in the hospital...She is still there and still fighting hard.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.


  1. Love Oracle.

    Okay, I'm thinking the worms really do have it out for you.

  2. Sending prayers for your friend!!

    I can't stop thinking about you guys picking up Smudge - what a lucky little girl! Enjoy and I look forward to the pupdate from her new home!!

  3. Where was Zippy when you were being attacked by giant mutant worms? Looking forward to more Smudge photos.
    Evelyn David

  4. Hey Jill. Great post....can't believe you are afraid of a little worm! I have my crocs on right now...would not consider wearing anything else. Loved the play going on with Zippy and Oracle. Your onions look identical to ours.

    I'm looking forward to tomorrow! You must be so excited. Wish I lived closer.

    Does your friend have a computer in the hospital? I would like to write to her.

  5. Oh my dawg Zippy hide your toys if chubbs is coming home tomorrow
    Benny & Lily

  6. Oracle is a beauty...especially his spirit! I can hardly wait for the pupdate! As for the Crocs outside...NO FLIPPLIN' WAY, sister...I wear SOLID...S..O..L..I..D shoes (LL Bean rubbers/mocs whatever the heck they're called; they wear like iron!) because there's no way that something is crawling in to keep my ffot company!!!...:)JP

  7. Positive thoughts for your hospitalized friend. I loved today's photographs and can't wait for the new puppy to come home.

  8. Wonderful picture of Oracle with his head thrown up!

  9. Beautiful shot of Oracle! Hope your friend is getting better.