Sunday, July 31, 2011

Unbelievable cuteness and....another box from the attic.

This is the unbelievabull cuteness.

Still has no name although...she does have a smudge of color on her tail.
I was toying around with the name Smudge.  Not very feminine though...
It is just a thought. 

This most beautiful fragrant garlic arrived from Gary at Skoog Farm.
Can't wait to plant it this fall!!
Thanks, Gary!

Mr. King Bee.
I know that I have posted a few other shots of him...but..
I really like him and just had to post another. 

For the first time in his life is....well...tubby.
I guess he has been kind of inactive...
That will all change when the new little bundle of joy arrives. 
By the way....when I took this picture...he had just rolled his ball under the fence.
He is staring at it.  Waiting for me to go all the way around...through the gate and down the
hill to retrieve the ball.  Then I throw it and he does it again.
Great people trainer.

More flowers.
The brown blur in the background is a mini mule moving at the speed of light.

The sun shade that I use when making concrete....well..had an accident.
The wind (which is sometimes abundant here) blew it around and bent the legs.
Zippy uses it as a playpen. 

Opal the pumpkin chugging along.

I really dislike deer when they do this.

Please Mr. Deer....go out into the woods and eat other deer food. 
My hosta plants are not happy....I am not happy.
Why must ye do this??? 

Okay.....what you have all been waiting for!!!
My old attic box rediscovered treasures..

I am not sure how old I was when I wrote that note to Santa, but notice 
that he wrote me back thanking me for his cookies. 

When I was a wee parents always encouraged us (myself and two old...older sisters)
to make our own cards.
I really enjoyed making them...except that mine opened the wrong way.

Most folks did not know that I drew an early version of Sponge Bob.

I really like the way my sky floated on top and the sun had a smile on it's face.

Here is a great idea for kids everywhere.  
Trace your foot and make a drawing out of it. 

Even at an early age....I loved pumpkins.

Watch out Mr. Bee....

Fire trucks were fun to draw.

I got a check mark for this, but...I don't think fo is a word.

I hope to never run into this chipmunk.  He looks pretty evil.

I just really have no idea what this is.....

This clown has a pretty red and blue house.

This must have been the beginnings of another clown.
I really liked tall houses.

This is one of my favorites and it is true.
I always told people that my sisters did not play well with others.  
Kind of like Zippy.

My house was neither blue, red or that tall.
However we did have an antennae.

I did have a friend with brown hair....and still do.

I think something is amiss here.

This is one of my favorites.

I think that this one is predicting my future.
Giant pumpkin....I love you.

This is unique in the fact that I used to go to my dad's office and sit at his drawing table and make
things like this.
He added the part on the bottom.

Another towering inferno.  
That poor fireman looks a little limp.

Last but not least!
A self portrait. 

Have a great week folks!

I would like to say that my friend that was in the auto accident is still in the hospital getting ready for 
surgery number 6 and 7.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.


  1. You invented Sponge Bob!!!

    Grow, pumpkin, grow!

    Oh, that sweet puppy. I like the name Smudge :-)

    Surgeries 6+7?!? Your poor friend :-(

  2. Oh, my goodness - I hope your friend's surgeries go well. And I hope her healing process goes smoothly.

    That pup is just TOO CUTE! I think Smudge is a cute name!

    I love the artwork! Especially the Halloween pictures! :)

  3. It was so cool that Santa brought you a farm!

    When we had to put our beautiful Princess Allie down in 2009, the boys each gained 12 pounds!! It came off as we all started being more active; and then got miss Ruby :-)

    Paws crossed for your friend...

  4. How cute! Look at those itty bitty nails! I like Smudge, but if you think it's not feminine enough, how about Smudgie?

  5. Love the art work!!! Zippy we wait like thattoo for the ball. Then we yell for mom to get it cause its stubborn. Tell mom its muscle not fat
    Benny & Lily

  6. Hey Jill - love the second picture of the baby especially!! We both like Smudge - which in our household would lead to Smudgie (and Smudgie Wudgie, etc.). Such fun for you to anticipate her arrival and prepare!

  7. Hey Jill...glad you got the garlic! Smudgie Wudgie has a pretty good ring to it. How sweet that you have been able to spend time with her. It amazes me, the way the drawings from that box have previewed your life. Very touching.

  8. I love the name Smudge! It is perfect and who says it's not feminine???? Think about it...smudges of mascara, lipstick, breath on window panes...go with Smudge! Too funny with Zippy waiting at the fence...just what Copper does...:)JP

  9. Smudge, I like that, and she's way cute!!!
    Love the shot of Zippy. Your early art work .... a master in the making.

  10. I loved this post. And I hope Susan has stopped pinching you.

    Can't wait to see the new puppy in her new home.

  11. I would LOVE you to enter that pumpkin, in our flower show!

  12. Hey John...Just wait until that pumpkin grows up! The one last year was over 600 lbs. I hope to have a bigger one this year. Wish we lived closer..I would enter it for sure.

    I am glad you guys all like the name Smudge. I thought it was cute since she has a smudge of red on her tail.

    Susan still pinches!

  13. Smudge is a terrific name. Aren't you glad someone saved your childhood art? I have some of mine, much of my mother's, and a good bit of my boys'.

  14. I'm glad to see you got a new bundle of love! And my gosh that is a HUGE pumpkin thingy!!!