Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th

Trying to get back into the swing of things around here.
My heart is still hurting over the loss of Bumble, and everything I do reminds me of 
how much of a constant companion she was. 
I am always amazed at how other animals deal with the loss of a friend.  
Scatter and Zippy have really been different lately, however Gus has no 
behavior changes.  I think Gus is such an easy going guy that nothing phases him.
Even the mules seem a little different. 

Please bear with me as I know my sense of humor will return....

Keeping busy is the best thing when for me when I am sad.  
 Keeping my gardens in good order has been great therapy. 
Giant pumpkin #1 was pollinated this week.  

We have played a little golf at the neighbor's course.

So beautiful and peaceful and it helps me laugh...
It is amazing how laughing can change your attitude.  
It is also amazing how far a golf ball can bounce when it hits a 
large rock cairn. 

These little guys have also been entertaining me. 

Ollie is still such a little twerp.  
You can only catch him if you get him into one of the horse stalls.
Then he tries to kill you.  
Looks like Otis is trying to help him understand what his halter is for. 

Even after using a shedding blade and the dog's furminator; the mules still have plenty
of their winter coat.  It takes forever for them to shed and then it seems 
that they immediately start growing their new winter coat.  
Of course....I know that the reason they shed in the first place is because the new coat is 
coming in.  However I love the sleek look that they have when the 
old dull coat comes out.  

Sorry....I rambled on a bit there.  Ha.  

Mini mules may be small, but they carry a big punch.

May, the donkey, is much too refined to join in in this type of play.
She just stands there with a disgusted look on her face.

They bite each others legs and then both fall down.  
So goofy.

Did someone say "dinner"?  

Zippy has been so distraught over losing Bumble.
I have had to literally drag him out of his dog bed (the one he and Bumble shared under my desk), 
just to go outside. 
This picture was the first time he has even shown interest in his ball.
I am glad to see him playing.  

This is my latest concrete-ation.
My heart fountain.
The leaf on top is a sunflower leaf and has the shape of a heart.

I also carved a heart into the "bark".  

Our house is now a barn red color with brown trim.

I will have to get a better shot of it....this picture is not the best.

Zippy has been following me around the vegetable garden looking for a 
handout of squash or some other wonderful treat. 

As a matter of fact the garden has a fence because Zippy decided 
that vegetables were very tasty.  

His favorite is asparagus....and tomatoes...and beans.....and squash
.....and snap peas....and......

Here he is trying to open the gate the Bull Terrier way.

Hope you all have a wonderful 4th!  
I would like to say Happy Birthday to Eunice!  
I hope you have a most wonderful fun birthday.  


  1. Good morning Jill,
    Nice to see that you are posting. I hope you will show us a picture of your house...would love to see the color. Your critters are full of beans! Does Zippy really like all those veggies? Your heart fountain is gorgeous. Sounds like you are keeping busy...the best therapy. Enjoy the day.

  2. Sorry for your loss.

    I really enjoyed all the photos on this post.

    I used to have a dog that loved vegetables too. Especially cucumbers.


  3. Hi Jill, You live in such a beautiful place and I love the pics of all your friends playing.

    Poor Zippy, it is sad to see him having such a hard time without Bumble. I think (and this is just a dogs point of view) but I think both of you would feel better if you took a LONG walk.

    Maybe to some of the places Bumble liked to be. Then remember how much fun he was, not that he is gone.

    Well, that s just an idea.

    Plus, My Vickie loves your carvings. Do you have a website for your work?


  4. Thanks for the beautiful tour of your place. It's so beautiful. Loved the little ones playing and loved seeing some of your work. We're with Bert - a good walk always strengthens bonds and releases sadness. Enjoy your day.

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  5. I love seeing a post from you, although the part about Zippy makes me tear up. We came back to Savannah and it is like the scab was ripped off the wound again (pardon the imagery) as it seems so empty here without our dominant guy. Our thoughts are with you guys - and I still like to think of Bumble and Conroy playing somewhere.

  6. Reading your post brings lots of tears over here. I don't know how I would manage..I guess be the rock for Zippy so he doesn't get sick from a broken heart. It is so sad I feel like we have known Bumble for years. We loved her and miss her. Its okay Zippy, Bumble is with you...
    Benny & Lily
    Pee S Love those silly donkees

  7. Mom says your flowers are so pretty. You live in a very beautiful spot and your donkeys are so cute (mom has always wanted a donkey).
    We hope Zippy feels better soon. We feel so sad.

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. I'm glad that your garden has helped distract you. Just pace yourself. Eventually, as I'm sure you know, all those good memories will overshadow the loss.
    I've been wondering how Zippy was doing. So glad that you are sharing his feelings with us too. These animal friends of ours are all so different and all so special in their own way.
    Thinking of you ... hugs!

  9. I love the trunk of your latest piece! And yes, my gardens keep me "even" too!...:)JP

  10. Poor Zippy. Such a sudden change in your lives. I'm glad you have your gardens to work in and your artwork. Creating and growing things has been a good way for me to work through loss and change. I remember how it was when I lost my own dog and kept expecting to see her in her usual places. I'm sending my very best thoughts your way.

  11. Jill, the heart fountain is absolutely gorgeous. You do such wonderful work!
    Your place is so pretty... are you having the heat and humidity on your side of the mountains? It has been so miserable here...
    Poor little Zippy... still sending hugs of comfort for both of you.

  12. Lori-Zippy does indeed eat all of those vegetables + some.

    Bert-I have been taking Zippy on some walks and he is starting to feel a little better. He even played with his ball a little yesterday. Tell your mom that I only have this little blog to show off my artwork, but I do sell things at Glen-Scott Gallery in Blowing Rock, NC and The Wren's Nest in Valle Crucis, NC. Thanks for asking!

    LeeAnn- My heart goes out to you as well and I also picture Bumble and Conroy together. Thanks for that wonderful quote that you sent. I posted it in the previous blog post.

    Benny and Lily- I think you and your mom are the best. Thanks so much for helping us through this hard time.

    Thank you to all of you...I know that things will get back to normal around here at some point. Every day it does get a bit better.

  13. My shetland pony is the same way - sheds late into the summer then starts growing a winter coat, lol.

    Thinking of you Jill.

  14. Lovely pictures! Poor Zippy -- our Maggie still is at loose ends after losing her two best friends over a year ago.

    I hope that, in the fullness of time, you will get a bulldog puppy and share it with us the way you did Bumble.

  15. The new heart leaf faux-bois is lovely. Zippy does look sad. Grief takes its own time and there's no use in rushing it. Art and gardening make great distractions, turning sadness into beauty.