Sunday, July 17, 2011

Zippy update and gardening.

Hi folks!  
Zippy here...I just want to let you all know that I am doing better.
I have been digging and playing ball.  
I still miss my friend though.

The garden is almost in it's full glory.
The queen bee and hedgehog are watching over things.

Mr. Owl....How many more days of cool weather are we going to have??

It has been in the 50s and 60s here for the past few days!
A welcome and refreshing change in the weather.  
Um....except for the horseback ride that you will read about below.

This is my largest pumpkin so far!
It has actually doubled in size since I took this picture.

This is the psycho siamese twin vine.
It is growing in a very strange way with twists and turns.
I could call it the Alfred Hitchcock vine. 
Perfect twin flowers and leaves.

Here is another little beauty.
So sweet with her little flower hat.

As us giant pumpkin growers say.....GROW EM BIG!!!

Not to make everyone sad again...but we built a little memorial garden for 
Bumble.  Zippy visits and sniffs around.  I am sure that he knows Bumble is there.
We also have a garden for Thatcher, Benson, Comet, and Fester.  Our other
pets that have passed.

My friend MJ sent me this beautiful card and made a donation to her humane society in 
Bumble's name.  I thought that it was such a wonderful and thoughtful gesture.
It makes my heart feel good to know that other animals can be helped. 
MJ does a lot of work helping coordinate foster homes for animals in her area. 
MJ has a wonderful blog and lives in paradise.  Check out her blog if you have a chance.

Thank you so much MJ!!!

Miss May was trying to prune my sunflowers the other day!
I guess that I should have planted something a little less appealing on the other
side of the fence.

Nothing more frustrating for a donkey.

Front flower bed.

Shamrock spider in the cilantro.

Another shot of the front garden.
You can see my rusty hollyhocks!  Poor things.
The white spot in the yard is Zippy.

This garden is blooming away as well. 

We took the horses to Moses Cone Park
this weekend for a ride with our Piedmont Paso Fino Horse Association.
We sponsor a ride every year.
The forecast called for light showers in the morning and clearing as the day progressed.
Guess what???
That is not what happened.
It was more of a early drizzle and then torrential downpour.
My wrinkles had wrinkles and I also had wrinkles where I should not have had them at all.
2 and a half hours of constant rain while riding and not having all of your rain gear on (I know....what was I thinking????)  By the least I took my rain jacket.  I just did not remember the pants.  
Oh well...It was still fun and no one got hurt!  Ha. 

The front garden coming up the drive.  

See the blue concrete dog peeking around the concrete stump planter?

My mom and dad have been delivering some old boxes from my childhood.
This was in one of the boxes.  A paint by number that I did with my grandmother.  
It came to me at a strange we have been spotting a bear in our neighborhood.
A BIG black bear.  

My old bongo drums!

More garden.

My little pond has been taken over by the lilies that I planted.  
I really do not care though...I think that it is pretty neat to see the little frogs perched 
on top of the lily pads.

A very rare "May" flower.

Loving all of the color!!!

Hope you all have a great week!


  1. That spider creeps me out! Glad that Zippy is starting to perk up a little.

  2. So glad you took us on a tour of your place. It is so beautiful. You must work so hard. That was an interesting flower for sure.

    Take care and have a good week.


  3. Wow, it all looks so lush and colorful! That's truly a unique spider, sort of looks like she has a smiling face. Good start on the giant pumpkin. May is darling in the photos. I'm so glad Zippy is feeling better.

    Leaving tomorrow for a road trip to scope out a possible place to move our farm in western NC. I've had it with drought and wildfires and hauling water. I've rented a mountain cabin for an entire week from which to base my forays. I am looking forward saturating myself in art, music, cooler temps and RAIN!

  4. Beautiful gardens and beautiful Zippy. I'm glad he is perking up.

    Gary will send you garlic...Email me your address. I assume you want seed stock for planting. $5/pound plus's German White and this was a very good year. Let me know if you are interested after hearing the price.

  5. Such beautiful gardens. Alas, the cool weather is only a memory here. But how nice it was!

  6. Beautiful gardens. I especially like Bumble's little spot. We may not care so much for the weather we've had, but the gardens seems to love it.

  7. Wow Flowerweaver! I hope you have a great time on your search!! If you happen to need a great real estate agent....let me know..that is what my husband does. Ha...

  8. Wow this is one of the most beautiful blogs I have visited. Love your garden and all you furry friends. I will be back for sure.

  9. Oh Jill - your gardens look incredible, but I especially love Bumble's garden. That Zippy sniffs around there breaks my heart. I can't wait to hear about the "changes" coming.