Sunday, July 10, 2011

New paint and an embarrassed donkey.

We had a most beautiful rainbow this past week.

It is actually a double one, but this shot does not show the second band very well.

I took this while driving the Gator through the woods at night.
I really liked the color combination.

"We" have been painting this summer!
The barn/house is now a wonderful red with brown trim.

"We" means that I only painted one brush stroke of brown trim.  
One day....when I have some extra cash just lying around...
I would love to add a silo with a big bank of windows.
I did a rendering of it and will have to post it.
A work in progress.

I have three pumpkins that are now pollinated and we have been getting some
nice rain to get them going.  

This little fellow has really been entertaining me.

He loves to sit on top of this little tree in my flower garden. 

There is nothing more annoying to the minis than the sunflower patch on the other side of the fence
The sunflowers are all volunteer plants and I can't believe how tall they have gotten.

My mom has cleaned out her attic and found several boxes that had a few of my childhood treasures.
When I was a wee child and my parents sent me to a class at the YMCA to learn the art
of gourd decorating.  The class was taught by Sparky, The Gourd Lady. 
You may have caught a glimpse of Sparky on the Jay Leno show. 
The brown thing is a turtle with a little smile on his face, and
the green one is a martian (he was being blown over when I snapped this shot).  

I also had this wonderful little train that plays music.  
You can move the little colored ties around and it plays 15 different songs.  
Of course you can always make up your own I guess it can play an infinite number of songs.
I found great humor in the name of this little train.

More of the beautiful sunflower patch.

Another house shot.
Probably should have moved the large black grill out of the way.

Hello little spider!

May the donkey and Otis the mini mule got haircuts this week.  

Otis likes having a little topknot.  
He is a very fashionable mini mule.
Ollie did not get a haircut.
I could not catch the little rascal....
He will be taken care of when he gets a manicure.  

Zippy is starting to be more interested in his ball.

He is not sleeping as much, but is still about half speed.  

La la la la.....I wish that the waiter would hurry up and bring our dinner out here.

Seriously...what is taking so long???

Oh no!! did not get that on "film" did you???
How embarr-ass-ing.

My garden is starting to really look nice.
Um....except for that pile of lambs ear blooms. 
Note to self....clean up piles of garden clippings before taking pictures....

Beautiful Elk Knob State Park!  


  1. What a lovely little corner of the world you've carved out for yourselves. Your honesty about painting the barn is laudable! We'd never have known the difference!! Glad Zippy seems more interested in things :-)

    Have a good week!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!
    Wow, if your place isn't paradise, I'm not sure what is.

  3. Jill, I am so glad that you too forget to "clean up" before taking a picture! LOL! I LOVE the topnotch...what a happening hunk!...:)JP

  4. so beautiful..Tune Tooter, good one. Hi there Zippy..It will be ok, bet mom is giving you lots of extra hugs
    Benny & Lily

  5. Your mini mules could not be more adorable. Love the haircut. So was your house made from a barn? Or did you build it to look like a barn? My kind of place. Big Hug to Zippy.

  6. ohhhhh SPIDERS!!!!! Leontien starts running! haha

    Thank you soo much for your sweet comment on my "friends" post! And yes i did think about you and Bumble a lot this week. I hope (know) he's in a good place!

  7. How neat that she saved your things :-) Now I wish I'd planted gourds in my garden! Must remember for next year!

  8. Jill, you live in a gorgeous part of the world. Love your animals and how you make them talk. We pass two donkeys on our way to a town just south of us and I always think if only they could talk. And thanks to you, they do. They have such sweet faces.

  9. I love your sunflowers. I want to plant some around my mailbox but I'm not sure the neighbors (or the mailman) will approve. I see that you're not as afraid of spiders as you are of snakes. =D More hugs to you and Zippy.