Monday, October 10, 2011

Delivering Pumpkins...and other fun.

Merle came by for a visit and he posed right in front of the garden 
with Smudge. 
We have had a really wild week.
Pumpkin deliveries and getting ready for our neighborhood

Smudge has been working very hard and she is really excited!
Can you see the excitement in her eyes? 

Sometimes falling asleep in mid play.

Zippy is also excited because he saw some nice big black cows on our walk.
He pointed them out for me. 
He likes to point and the cows were more than happy to be pointed out.
Zippy now has a nickname...he is the Jumping Dog.

We have had such nice weather and the leaves are putting on a fabulous show.

Zippy got his coat stuck on the barbed wire.
I think he wondered why I made him wear his was in the 30s.
I guess that I was cold and figured if I needed a coat he did as well.
I really think he was trying to scrape it off with the barbed wire....don't tell him that I said that.
See the white stitching on his velcro?
He did that last year when he ran right through his coat.
A 2 inch wide piece of velcro...Or should I say...Hook and Loop?  
(I would hate to offend other hook and loop makers..He he he)

He can be just a "little" hard on things.

I love this time of just goes by so fast...

Loving all of the beautiful fall wildflowers.

The Jumping Dog...did something really really bad on our walk.
He is a terrier and I need to remember that.
However....when you see the type of thing that I saw....It really is a 

We were joyfully walking along when he spotted some movement near a log.
I saw him dart over to the log and tried desperately to get to him before 
he did what he did.

It is hard to even write about......
Right before I reached the log....and the dog...the dog on the log....Ha ha ha..
I saw it...
The chipmunk.
It just jumped right into the air and with one quick snap....
the little woodland creature was down the hatch.
Barely any chewing....just down the hatch.

Zippy was very proud. 

A view from the golf course.

Some folks have been asking me to post a picture of a Peter Pepper.
Well folks...this is it.
They are an heirloom variety and a very good hot pepper.
They make excellent dried pepper flakes.

Just look at that cute little bundle of joy...

She knows that something really fun is about to happen.

This is Opal...and me.
Can you tell that I am a little sad to see them go?
I miss those big orbs in my yard.
Lots of tender loving care went into these things.
Not to mention all of the pruning, fertilizing, and watering.
I know that they are going to a good home and that makes it a little better.

Here I am giving Ruby a lecture on how to be a good display pumpkin. 
She really soaked in all of the advice that I gave her.
At least...she did not talk back to I think she got it.

Enjoy your pumpkins while you have them....
They grow up so fast.

Opal in front of The Ragged Garden Inn and the Best Cellar.

Smudge taking it easy during the pumpkin delivery.

She was most definitely the center of attention.....she had really nice baby sitters.
They followed us into the parking lot to see the pumpkins and then saw Smudge.
She had a great time.

This is Smudge on the way home...
A full day for a little dog.


Well well well.....

What can I say about this?

So unbelievably beautiful!!!

you have to LOVE it!!!
I think it is natures way of saying....enjoy this little tidbit of warmth and beauty...
you are getting ready to have some cold snowy weather.  
Put your boots on and ride it out until next year.

Shamrock spider.

Super duper cuteness.

We had visitors over the weekend and enjoyed this beautiful fire.
Also a little pumpkin carving.

We all had a great time.
Getting ready for PumpkinFest.

Check out Gus!
He looks so vicious.
Silly dogs.

Have a Great week!!!  


  1. oh I so want another bulldog!
    and as for pumpkins.. mine are around 6 inches!!!

  2. Good for you for swallowing that nasty chipper, Zippy! We applaud you!
    You are just so darn cute, Smudge!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Smudge, you are posing like K from Romping and Rolling in the Rockies!! You are sure having a beautiful autumn in your part of the country!!

  4. Wow, Zippy likes his chipmunks whole, huh? I have a mouse in my car I'd love for him to come get out for me (blog post coming soon).

  5. Jill...have you started a coffee table book of Smudge shots yet? What a photogenic girl...of course Zippy is too. Your colors down there are beautiful. We are behind in that department.

    So, do people buy things gigantic pumpkins from you?

  6. Wow! What a great series of photographs! You are so right...everything is changing more each day. Love that adorable little Pudge. And, of course jumping Zippy.

  7. Smudge is turning into a real beauty! So glad it wasn't her that ate the chipmunk - it would have been very unlady-like. The colors are incredible - we are coming up this weekend and can't wait to see them. Hope ya'll are well!

  8. Oh my cuteness! Little one needs botox with all those wrinkles, BOL...Does Zippy want to keep Smudge yet? Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
    Benny & Lily

  9. Way too funny .... that Smudge! Very photogenic!!

  10. Yes, there are moments in a dog's life that can be truly disgusting, but normal all the same. I once buried a squirrel my lab killed and years later she dug up the mumified remains and dropped it in a friend's lap during a patio party. Ick!!! Your pumpkin looks beautiful at the Inn, I think she did listen carefully to your modeling advice!