Saturday, October 1, 2011

Our first snow of the season.

Well...a lot has happened this past week.

The giant pumpkins (Opal, Ruby, and Yet to be named) will be going to their new home at 
If you have a chance and are in the area stop by and check them out.

Smudge is growing at a record rate.

Just look at her!  
She is getting huge.  She reminds us of the flying nun.
Still as mean as a snake...Just kidding...not really...kidding that is.

Still lame in the left front.
Our wonderful farrier..Charlie..came over and trimmed Ollie this past week.
We found no indication of an abscess or any other issue with his hoof.
No heat or sensitivity.
Still no swelling or any other issue anywhere on his leg, knee or shoulder.
I am at a total loss as to what on earth this could be.  
He does not seem to be in extreme pain.  
He puts full weight on it.
He acts perfectly normal...not lying down more often and eating as usual.
This photo of him was taken last Sat. after Charlie checked him out.
Standing with full weight on his leg.  He is on a bit of a an incline in our front yard.

I do however wish that I had my camera during Charlie's visit.
He and his son stopped by after attending the ASU ballgame and he was in
his "street" clothes.   
You have not lived until you have seen your farrier in fringed chaps, shorts and 
tennis shoes working on a mini mule.  We all got a good laugh out of it.
All of us except Ollie that is....

We have been having some stellar weather lately.
The leaves are changing at a record rate.

Nice and warm too.

This guy must have just come out of his cocoon. 
His color was very bright.

He also picked one of the brightest flowers to light on.

Beautiful Elk Knob State Park.

Snake Mountain. 

Are you really taking away my giant pumpkins???

I will miss you Opal.....

Zippy has really been getting into jumping lately.

He is showing off for Smudge.

Just look at that form....
I give it a 10.

Smudge is a bit confused by the jumping.

She is really all about being grounded.

Enjoying the nice soft grass.

Dreaming of the next time that she can use her shark teeth on my tender skin.

Check it out. 
LTM's (Larry the Magnificent's) farm.  

Took these on the way up to see my friend MA that was in the car accident.
She had another surgery last week and 
is really doing well. 
Thanks so much for all of the well wishes and prayers for her. 

Elk Knob.

Zippy on take off.

Mid flight.

Coming down to earth.
Ha ha ha..Zippy down to earth. 

Smudge lounging in her crate.

Studying for her new career as a concrete model.

This was taken this morning.
A light dusting of snow.
On Oct. 1st.

A little later.
I had to cover the pumpkins with the horse blankets....
The horses got to stay inside.
Everyone was happy.

This afternoon.....
Always interesting around here.

Have a great week folks!  

Thanks for stopping by.
I will now be in my kitchen for days processing every vegetable known to man.


  1. Some areas around us also got a dusting.

    I can surely understand Smudge's reluctance to try the jumping thing. Those short little legs are better suited to be grounded.

    I loved all the photographs. And I am glad to hear your friend is mending.

  2. Can't believe you got snow! Smudge has to be the model for her breed...such a beauty. And Zippy has turned into a real performer. I hope you have a freezer with all those veggies.

    All the best to your glad she is doing better.

    Abbe is going the same thing as Ollie. I had the farrier here, I have soaked and wrapped her over and over...she frequently stands on her toe with her leg bent, yet I have seen her walk, trot and canter on it. So frustrating.

    Your photos were beautiful.

    Gary used to go to Blowing Rock when he worked for Broyhill some old hotel...he wants to know if it is still there.

  3. I can't believe it SNOWED!!!! my gosh! we only had rain... and rain... and some more rain....

    phffff.... the snow doesn't seem to bad...

    And i thought smudge doesn't look that big in the picture with the HUGE pumpkin! ;-)

    Hope you have a great weekend

  4. Thanks for the update. And your kind words about Gizmo. I really appreciated them. So about Zippy... Is he part cat? WHAT is he pouncing on?? He is too cute!

    Have a wonderful week.

  5. Smudge has grown! One day I hope to grow pumpkins this big. I guess it takes a lot of water, ha ha. Here it's been in the 100's but spring flowers are blooming after a little rain, so it's hard to know what season we are in. Saw our first Monarch today. Your photos are lovely as always. Glad to hear of your friend's progress. Farmer Rick and I are planning to spend Thanksgiving exploring more of your area!

  6. Snow on the pumpkin for October 1st! WOW!
    You are so funny, Zippy!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. Are you serious?!? I can't believe you already had snow!

    Zippy and Smudge are so cute. I bet you'll miss your pumpkins.

  8. Zippy needs a little red cape. Maybe then he can fly -- he's real close to it!

  9. Wow~ snow already?
    Smudge is still a baby doll, even though she is growing up so fast...
    Sorry about Ollie~ does he eat a lot of grain? We had a sheep go lame from too much grain. (Grain founder? whoda thunk it!)
    Glad to hear your friend is improving.
    Love your pictures as always!

  10. Smudge is definitely a sweetheart...great photos!