Saturday, October 22, 2011


I love this place!
This is my "thinking" place.

You will see many taken here.
Also inspiration for a painting or 20.

How could you not love it?
The weather was fantastic for a few days and it was so clear that you could see
every detail in the distance.
That is

The weather did this

You can still see detail...
it just had a bunch of leaves in it.


the weather did



On to PumpkinFest
Our annual
neighborhood punkabration....
This is my sister dressed as me....

My other sister (Elly May) 
LTM (Larry the Magnificent).

Elly May, Jill, and Me (Opal the pumpkin)
(that is not really a hat on my's the guy behind me)
See my second place ribbon?
I had vines on my face.
Who knew...
pumpkins like Yuengling?

Lady gaga joined in on the fun.

We had a most wonderful bonfire and then we
were invaded by 
this really creepy group of hooligans.
They laughed at all of us.

Soon they even took over the benches around the fire.

We enjoyed their company until they got a little out of 
control and the smoke from the fire made us look like this.

Smudge also had fun.  

I am making this birdbath for a silent auction.

Oh NO!!!
The Girls!

A picture of The Girls before the deer discovered them.

Picture during.

Picture after...

So sad...

My new socks.

Wearing these for Leontien

Smudge too!  
(Thanks for the bandana, Terrie)

Speaking of Smudge...
Just look at those ears!!!
They look like quotation marks.  

I hope one day that she will grow into them.  

The other day one stood straight up.

Oh least she will hear her name being called...

Back at PumpkinFest.

The pumpkins took over the party and threw all of the people to the wind.  

They got very rowdy and some

Fell down.

The other pumpkins laughed and laughed....

That poor fellow was quite embarrassed.  
Too much Yuengling...I guess.

They enjoyed the fire and had 
one of the best PumpkinFests ever...

The End.....

Where are our pumpkins????????


  1. You guys really know how to party!

  2. What fun!!!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. what a fun day and great pictures. Smudge your humans are scawy lookin
    Benny & Lily

  4. Pumpkinfest looks great! I love those socks (been thinking of Leontien so much this week).

  5. What a feast this post is. I love everything about it!

  6. Wow what a fun post. We liked seeing your human in costume. We don't have a pumpkinfest here. I sure whish we did. It looks like fun.......


  7. Looks like everyone had a good time! (Everyone except the pumpkins, that is!)