Friday, October 14, 2011

Gorilla Burl

Well...It is getting close...We are having our annual
fall neighborhood  get together.
Otherwise know as 
I am going as something big.
I can't say what yet, but I will post pictures later.
He he he..
Smudge already carved her pumpkin in anticipation. 

When walking the other day...
I came across this wonderful burl..
It shall now be known as "Gorilla Burl".
Very very neat.


I am scared of Gorilla Burl.

Take him away...

I think that I will carve more of my pumpkin.
That way it will keep my mind off of that wild gorilla.

Check this out....
oh...just a leaf.

Did you hear that????
Gorilla burl is coming to get me...

It has been so so beautiful around here.
Other than the fact that it has been raining and windy...
Still BRIGHT!!!  
The leaves have been so brilliant.

A rare sunny moment.
Or should I say...Partly cloudy.

Hello beauty.

Zippy and I took off for a walk the other day.

I wanted to find this root on a rock that I had taken a picture of last winter.
I did not find the root on a rock..
We continued on to the beautiful stream below.

This stream borders our neighbor's property and is always gorgeous.

Zippy crossed the stream and checked out his favorite spots.
When it was time to go home...
He started crossing in his normal spot that is nice and knee to elbow deep.
Zippy is not a fan of swimming and really prefers a nice wade.

He started out very nicely and stopped for a drink.
La la la...

Then....for some unknown reason...(probably a chipmunk)
He veered off to the right.
I tried to tell him to stop...that he was getting ready to go into a hole.

I just don't know if he didn't hear me or if he just wanted to do something daring...

He fell right in that hole!

Serves him right for not listening.
Ha ha ha... least I had fun.
Ha ha ha...

I was actually kind of glad it happened because he had previously rolled in bear....

Loving this color!!!! 

Loving my leaf carpet.
When I was a kid....we had shag carpet this color in our game room.
Brings back some good memories.

Not sure if it shows up well, but there is a rainbow in there.
Or at least a section of one.

Hope you all have a great week!!!

Stay away from Gorilla Burl.


  1. That burl does look like a gorilla and it sure does look scary! We just love your pumpkin, Smudge!
    Your autumn colors are just gorgeous!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Love the burl. I'll bet Zippy is not afraid. The colors are gorgeous down is Smudge.

  3. Hilarious...that gorilla burl is scary. It better not get you Smudge. Oh Zippy careful of those holes
    Benny & Lily

  4. Just beautiful. That is a strange looking burl. Love Smudge's pumpkin face.

    xXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  5. What beautiful photos and your dogs... they make me smile from ear to ear.

  6. If I were you I'd leave some banana offerings pronto!!

  7. Oh Jill, your colors are wonderful!! as is your bulldog pumpkin! Happy fall!!

  8. I love the leaf carpet! The pups are darling as usual (despite whatever Zippy rolled in).

  9. Awwwww.... little Smudgie- don't be afraid of that mean ol' gorilla! Mommy won't let it hurt you.
    Zippy had an unexpected bath, didn't he? *giggle*
    Beautiful color on your side of the mountain, Miss Jill!

  10. Beautiful closeup of that burl! And your color is magnificent! I can almost hear those leaves underfoot. Love the walk with the pups! Smudge is really growing.

  11. The Gorilla Burl is awesome, probably has your concrete mind taking detailed notes! Smudge's pumpkin is just as darling as she is! I like the leaf carpet, too.