Sunday, November 13, 2011

Planting garlic.

I have been working in my garden this week.
Frantically trying to get my wonderful garlic that I purchased from 
Skoog Farm in the ground.  

You may ask......Jill, why do you have cow skulls in your garden and what does this have to do with planting garlic? may remember "cow cam".  One of the neighboring farms had a bit of a tragic event
when two of their cows became ill and died (in an area that was rugged and they could not be buried).  That is when I had the bright idea of setting up my 
wildlife cameras to capture some of the animals that feast on carrion.   I got 
some really nice shots of Ravens, Vultures, Coyotes, a Bear, a Bobcat, and other small assorted animals.  Then when they were finished cleaning up, I got the skulls.  I had to put them in my 
garden to keep them away from the dogs.   This has nothing to do with planting garlic. 

So...there you have it.
I really liked the light and colors in this photo.

Smudge helped me get the garden ready for the garlic.
I put in about 5-6 inches of really good compost (horse manure/hay/leaves)
Then I planted the garlic.
Then I put a nice layer of ground up leaves on top of that.
Then....I put a nice thick layer of old hay on top of that.
Now my garlic (and the rest of the garden) is all tucked in and ready for winter.

You can see how nice and dark that compost was.
Beautiful stuff. 

Smudge really enjoyed the leaves.  
Here she is giving me the "evil" eye.  
Right after this she pounced on me and tried to bite the camera.
As usual. 

She is starting to grow into her ears a bit. least that is what I am hoping.  

What a ham....

I think she is just having a competition on who can have the best 
"quotation" mark ears.  

This kid is giving Smudge a run for her money.  

Oh no!!!  Now she looks like a Frenchie.

I think Benny and Lily (Smudge's French friends)
would like that.  

Smudge lost her last baby teeth and had to get some dentures.
She really liked this set.  They made her feel dangerous. 

I went to a friend's house this past week and snapped a few shots of her chickens/roosters.
I really enjoyed watching these guys. 
Beautiful birds.

The craziest thing happened....
My friend had this little mini cow in her truck.  
It just kept standing there and looking at us.  Cows are weird like that. 
Ha ha ha..

Zippy and I visited the Wizard tree the other day.
He is still very wizardly. 

While on our wizard tree expedition...we came across this wonderful piece of old Chestnut.
Very weathered and the texture was incredible. 

My little baby is growing up!
She looks so mature in these pictures.
Her face is really getting ready to change as her new "big" teeth are coming in.

I am enjoying this brief time that she is unable to chew things up.
Or at takes more time for her to chew things up.

Just look at how big she is getting!!
They grow up so fast.
I hate that. 

Hope you all have a great week! 


  1. lovely photos again....
    I managed to snap one of mabel today... not a patch on yours

  2. Wow! That Smudge is hard to resist! Aha! Gary has his garlic planted too. The least he has ever grown (500 compared to 2 or 3 thousand). He is running out of gas and wants to grown some other things. Oh well.

    PS - I am not getting another horse, it was a possible boarder that I passed on.

  3. the last picture rocks! Smudge, won't mom be surprised if your ears turn out like ours, did look like us i that one picture..Good luck with the garlic. Will it be big like your punkin?
    Benny & Lily

  4. Smudge really has matured (at least looks-wise). My garlic was a bust this summer. I should try putting some in now too.

  5. Smudge the pup is beginning to look dog-like! Still cute as the Dickens!

  6. What a fun post! I loved all the photographs, especially that cutie little Smudge.

  7. I want to plant garlic!!

    Love the idea of cow cam.

  8. Smudge is definitely growing up looking very beautious and I just had to laugh at the mini cow...too funny. Your compost looks like black gold!!!

  9. Ahhh adult teeth, less sharp but bigger to chew with! Maybe Smudge needs her own cow to chew on. Glad you got your garlic in. We are still feeling jaded about planting anything after 6 months of no water.