Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Look at that cute little flower.

Smudge did not have a costume for Halloween.
So...I made one for her.
A scrap piece of watercolor paper, some paint and 
you have an instant flower.
I had to take fast photos....the costume only lasted a moment.

You might think this is a costume.
No costume.....just my dad.
He hurt his eye and had to wear a patch for a few days.
He made me draw an eyeball and eyebrow on it.
Too funny.
It really looked strange when he was sleeping.....just a bit creepy.

Smudge chewing her nylabone.

We had a bit of snow last week. 
Just a dusting.

Smudge is starting to enjoy snow and I hope she gets used to it soon.
She better.....

Loving the late afternoon sun.

Zippy and I went the the "thinking" place to check out the view.

So pretty.
Elk Knob State Park.

Our Ginkgo tree was so beautiful this year!
Many times the weather turns before the tree is able to transform 
into it's vibrant yellow fall foliage.  

Zippy jumped for joy when he saw it. 

Smudge has been having a ball playing in the leaves. 

She even tried balancing them on her nose. 

This past week was a very busy week and I am late in posting.
A large group of folks in our community got together to put on a benefit 
for my friend Mary Anne.  The benefit was a grand success and she was overwhelmed.
It is amazing what can happen when a community of folks can come together. 
We had wonderful music, a silent auction, and pot luck dinner. 
Klee Liles, The Lost Faculties, Lisa Baldwin and Dave Haney, and Melissa Reaves performed.
We also had a theatrical performance by Black Sheep Theatre.  
Just an incredible evening full of fun and fund raising.  
Mary Anne is in the hospital again to have a bone graft for her wrist and we all wish her the best!  

The deer have really been enjoying my leftover giant pumpkins.
This one was around 200lbs.
Oh deer...

Smudge continues to grow at record rates.
She has just lost her remaining baby teeth and I am so glad.
She is chewing through all of our porch furniture and she would put a 
termite to shame.  

We are constantly having to take things out of her mouth.

Her ears are still in the "quotation" mark stage and I 
am beginning to wonder if they are going to stand straight up.
I have never seen a bulldog with such funny ears.

She may end up looking like...


Even though all of our leaves have long been blown from the trees...
I am leaving you with these beautiful shots.
I took them and forgot to post them.

Have a fabulous week!!!!


  1. I wish I could photo our new Mabel like you do smudge!

  2. You sure have some precious puppies! The weather looks gorgeous...excellent landscapes and portraits.

  3. Smudge sure is a cutie!

    That eye patch totally cracks me up!

  4. The pictures are just beautiful. Don't know about Smudge being a flower...very funny. Love Zippy pouncing in the leaves!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  5. Maybe Smudge is trying to copy the Zippy ear-style? Wonderful photos Jill ....

  6. oh my goodness Smudge is so darn cute and big..Zippy were you ever a horsie in a rodeo? BOL
    Benny & Lily

  7. haha she might have those ears too yeah! haha too funny!

    And i love the picture with the chewing bone thingy!

    Missed you all so much!

  8. I enjoyed all the photos! Smudge's costume is perfect for her. But where is Zippy's costume?

  9. It's a good thing you know how to make concrete furniture...you may have to replace everything in your house with it at this rate! Love the artwork on your Dad! Hope his eye gets better soon. We were overwhelmed when our community came together with a fundraiser for my husband's medical bills. I'm glad your friend is surrounded by love and caring.