Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving and chewing.

Hello...I want to wish everyone a very very Happy Thanksgiving.
Pass the mashed potatoes!  

I am in BIG trouble!!!
My chewing has been out of control.


I don't know why I do it....
It just happens.
I even chewed the sheetrock off of the wall. 
For no reason. 

Then...I chewed up my crate. 
Took the zipper right off.
The funny thing is that I was not even in the crate....
I just did it for fun.

I have been working on this chair too.
Trying to sneak some fiber into my diet.

I just can't help myself.
Then I get in trouble....and people get upset.
It's sad.

But can folks be upset with me???

I mean...just look at how cute I am.  
Oh....don't look at he arm of the chair....
LOOK at ME...

Okay..onto another subject.
We had this wonderful and beautiful rainbow the other day.
It was possibly the brightest rainbow that I have ever laid eyes on. 
A double one too. 

While out in the woods, right before it snowed...I saw this cluster of mushrooms.
The mushrooms had these little termite-ish looking creatures crawling around aimlessly.
It kind of looks like Monkey Bread with bugs.

Same mushrooms after the little dusting of snow that we had.
I guess the cold weather killed the bugs. 
They were a beautiful color.

I took this photo...walked away and two minutes later..
I had a hole in the arm of the chair.  

Ha..I will just blame Smudge for the chewed up fence. 

Smudge checking out the hose.

She was scared of it at first and then tried to eat the water.

A little video.

We trimmed all of the perennials in our flower beds back this weekend.
Smudge was not happy about that.  She loves to hide in the flower beds. 

Here is the little chewer...
tired from the days of chipping through wood and leather. 
Not to mention all of the toys and rib bones that she has been getting. 

Notice the chewed up crate in the background. 

Leaving you with this tranquil scene....Please think about me over this next week.
I am running out of furniture and I am scared to consider what she will chew next.  
Wish me luck.

I hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!


  1. Naughty Smudge! The leather chair must have been the last straw. It's a good thing she is so cute...Miss Smudge Chew Baby.

    Do I see a fish in that last photo?

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

  2. Oh Smudge.... My brother Gizmo and I were very bad chewers. Duvet, dog beds, couch, shoes, dark glasses, motorcycle seat, bra straps, a pretty silk blouse... Then we grew out of it. We still have patio furniture in our living room which is chew proof and an old couch. Sheesh. I'm gonna be 7 next month. Mom said to tell your mom that she 'feels her pain' whatever that means...


  3. I hope the chewing stops soon!

    When I first saw those mushrooms I thought they were dinner rolls w/ sesame seeds on them, LOL!

  4. We always thought Bella was part termite! We live in a house with modified knobs, books and shoes.

    Like Lisa above, we thought those were dinner rolls all ready for Thanksgiving!!!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra, Bella & roxy

  5. I feel your pain. Willa, our latest addition, has chewed so many things I can't keep track -- but she's adorable, as is Smudge, and we must just keep saying,'This, too, shall pass.

    Willa's very favorite toy(and she has an array of them) is an empty plastic soda bottle. Wonderful loud sounds, tossable, she can peel the label off for added pleasure --- one can keep her entertained for well, not hours but maybe 15 minutes.

  6. Oh Smudgie lil devil...hope you can satiate your cravin's soon or the house will come tumblin' down....Happy Tanksgivin' Y'all!

  7. You are just so adorable in that hat, Smudge! Good thing you're so cute, huh!
    The rainbow is so beautiful!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. wow. I am really surprised that ya'll would accuse poor little innocent Smudge of chewing! That sweet face is not the face of a bad girl!! I think it was Brian, personally.

  9. Oh my word are lucky you are cute. Mom better get you tons of chew bones and meat bones to put around the house. Is some buddy teething? Or better yet just blame Zippy
    Benny & Lily

  10. Awwwww.... poor Smudgie! Cutting teeth is no fun at all... for you or her!
    Hang in there- she won't be a pup forever... *snifff*
    I swear that mushroom thingie looks just like monkey bread- coulda fooled me!
    Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

  11. Dear Smudge...cute will take you only so far in life. Hopefully you will stop chewing before Mom declares she just cannot take one more day. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  12. Oh no! I feel your pain. It's been a long time since we had a puppy, although Millicent (age 4) still destroys my underwear and socks whenever she can get her snoot on some.