Monday, September 21, 2009


Taken several days ago. The yellow thing in the middle of the picture is my beautiful pumpkin that is now around 380lbs. Slow but sure. The arched plant on the fence is actually part of the pumpkin vine. This was an incredibly vigorous plant.
Bumble really dislikes the rain. She was a bad girl and started a fight with her brother Zippy last night. Luckily we stopped the disagreement quickly, but not before there was injury. Both dogs are okay, but sore. Zippy was doing so well with Bumble. The fight started over a cracker that had fallen onto the floor. Zippy had no clue it was even there. I guess that they are getting a little grumpy from lack of sunshine. They had just been on a nice long walk, so it is not from being stuck inside. These dogs are going to drive me nuts.

Nothing to do except sleep. Dreaming of the day that the sun will shine and we can go back outside.

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