Sunday, September 20, 2009


Danza........Is that you????????

This is what happens when your Bull Terror gets to close to you and you know he is wet and muddy and you are at his mercy.

I know that we need rain in many parts of the state, country and world. I am grateful for rain. I love rain sometimes. Today is not one of those times. This marks the 5th straight day of rain that we have had and it is supposed to go on until Wed. On Wed. it is only going to be a two golf ball day according to Ray's Weather. Still a chance of showers until Friday which is still only a two golf ball day. Ray makes his forecast according to whether or not you can play golf. This being a one golf ball day is really misleading because if you were to even go outside, you would not be able to see the ball on the ground. It really should be a zero golf ball day. My one last big pumpkin is hanging in there. If you happen to hear a scream and then crying; that means that the pumpkin has exploded. Please, please do not explode. I have not even given my pumpkin a name because I am scared that it will be in vain. At least the temperature is low enough to keep the little jewel from growing too fast. If I can just keep her skin soft and supple I think she may make it.

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  1. Even though you are obviously tired of the rain your misty-field-horse photos are beautiful! Does your frisky Bull Terrier always have a dark colored nose, or is that mud? Very cute....