Tuesday, June 30, 2009


These are the finished products from the workshop.

Concrete Carving Workshop

This past weekend we had a concrete carving workshop with Elder Jones. Elder was very patient with all of us and we learned the process of carving wet concrete. Here are a few shots from the workshop.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Notice the form and concentration.


Some BTs are laid back and sedate (from my experience very few). Others can be obsessive over things. Comet (my first BT) loved tennis balls. She would play for hours and only stop if I made her. Zippy LOVES to dig. I figured that if he liked it so much, that he would be allowed to dig in certain areas. This way I would not go crazy trying to stop him and a digging obsession would be better than some other things that he might do if he became frustrated. Before he digs, he likes to pounce on the ground. He can get some really good air.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This is how I sometimes see Zippy when I take him out for a walk. Only because he is running circles around me. Also the front end is much more photogenic.

This is Zippy on a recent walk. When he does this....watch out.


I want to start by saying NEVER name your dog Zippy. If you do, they will end up being wild and full of energy. The next dog I have will be named Speed Bump or Couch Potato. Of course if you are the active type, then Zippy is a good name. Even for the active, this Zippy would wear you out. He looks like he is just a normal dog with normal thoughts. Don't let that look fool you....

English Bull Terriers

Bull Terriers are said to be a three year old in a dog suit. I would agree with that statement. My first BT was named Comet and life was always an adventure for her. She never met a person or animal that she did not like. Always ready to have a good time. She came to me after the death of my beloved bulldog, Thatcher. That will be another chapter in my blog. Comet always had her tennis ball and would go through anything to get it. She lived a fairly short life and died from a heart problem when she was 6. Then came Zippy.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

May the mini donkey is the sweetest animal on the planet. She has to put up with the mini mule brothers. I got May about a year after we purchased the mules. I met a wonderful person in Virginia that has the sweetest and healthiest mini donkeys. They also have one of the most beautiful farms that I have ever seen. Not to mention the other assortment of animals that you get to see when you visit. Well, Miss May is just a joy to be around. My niece Emily, even took her to a pet show in our little town and won a second place ribbon. I just love May. I am trying to start driving with her, but have been limited because of my pesky work schedule. That and my garden and my concrete projects, and my horses, and my dogs, and.........keep me a little occupied. The fact is, that I just need to get out there and work on it, no excuses.

I would like to introduce Otis and May. Otis is a mini mule (we also have his half brother Ollie) and May is a mini donkey. Otis and Ollie came here about three years ago. We were interested in getting a mini donkey and saw an ad in the local paper advertising one. We called the number in the ad and were told that the donkey was sold, but that he had two mini mules. Well, we had never seen such an animal and decided to go check them out. The next thing you know, we had them in our horse trailer and were on our way home. Well, we got them home and within a day, they had removed their halters (they actually unbuckled them) and we could not even get within 20 feet of them. Since then Otis has calmed down quite well and Ollie is still a work in progress. Otis is a sweet little fellow and loves to be scratched (on his rear) and petted. Ollie comes around if you have a peppermint. Then, and only then will he let you touch him.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Feeling Better

I am happy to report that Miss Bumble is feeling fine. She is all healed up from her little accident. However, today she and her cohort Zippy, opened the pantry door and had their fill of dog food. They are sleeping it off and I might add that they are a bit odoriferous.