Monday, March 19, 2012

Coyote Scat, Rainbows and Ironwork.

I bet you are wondering what on earth this is....

Why it is coyote scat on a cow bone.

You may ask why on earth would you take a picture of that???

Because it is photo number 13 on my list.

A Sign. 
Coyotes will mark places with their scat to show territory boundaries. 
They often mark places up high or in the middle of trails and roads.  
It is a "sign" to other coyotes.  

This has nothing to do with a photo of the day. 
I was trying to take a picture of the arm damage.   Then Smudge did this and 
almost knocked me off of the deck.

This is one of the shots that I did for Photo number 14.  Clouds.

This is also a cloud shot.  (I guess that you can see that)

I took Smudge and Gus to the workshop for the afternoon.
There is a small stream there and Smudge decided to take a dip.
Isn't she lovely?

She really enjoyed herself.

After the mud bath...Smudge decided to make friends with May.

This is the actual shot I used for Clouds.

Another cloud shot.
I got lucky with the big fluffy clouds on day I needed them.  I couldn't stop 
taking pictures of them...please forgive the number. 

Super Zippy.....
Not sure if you can see it, but there is a gnat getting ready to land on his nose.

A cloud that looks like Bumble.
Sitting on the sofa.
You can see that....right?

These trees look like they are embracing. 

Smudge jumping for joy.

Me jumping for joy because Smudge has grown enough so that she can not fit through the garden gate.

I am sure that she will find another way to "help" me in the garden.  

This is one of the shots I contemplated for photo number 15 Car. 

This is the one that I ended up using.

This is another car shot.
Really a truck, is all I had around at the moment.
This is actually Larry the Magnificent's truck. 
(LTM is my neighbor).

Some really neat moss that is blooming.
So colorful.

With the really weird, warm weather we have had this "winter", the 
daffodils are blooming about 2-3 weeks early.

My peach tree is about a day or two from full bloom too.
I can only hope that we do not have another frost or freeze.
I have a feeling that is wishful thinking.

Smudge looks innocent enough, but in reality....
she was going around plucking the flowers from their stems.
Such a little rat!

One of my magnolia trees.  
It smells so good....
Please, Mother freezing temperatures.....

Photo number 16.  Sunglasses.

Zippy is a genius...Really.

While I was waiting for renderings to be sent via email (my real job)....I decided to try this.
You take an old album and bake it over a bowl.  200 degrees for 8 minutes.
You must do this in a well ventilated area..the fumes are toxic.  
A neat decorative bowl.  

Not meant for naked food, but fun for wrapped candy or fruit or something with a wrapper.
Or you could put money or something else in it.  

Smudge says that she will take the money.

Photo number 17.  Green.
A lupine just coming up.

This is just a picture of Zippy and Elk Knob State Park.
It has nothing to do with anything...I just liked it. a beautiful sculpture made by Oak Hill Iron.

They are donating a sculpture to Options, Inc. in Morganton for their annual Art of Chocolate event.
The sculpture will be auctioned off and the proceeds will benefit Options, Inc. 
They are a shelter for victims of domestic violence. 

Oak Hill Iron had a contest and I submitted a design and it was the one picked for the above sculpture.
I got to go to an open house there over the weekend and see it in person.  Pretty neat
to have a design come to life by such talented and nice folks.  

If you ever need ironwork done these guys can do it and do it beautifully.
Plus...they have a really cute dog named Chuck.  

One of the many sculptures at Oak Hill.

This is Dean's truck at Oak Hill.
It really is a neat truck!  The tires are almost as tall as I am.
Hm...yes....I am pretty short, but the tires are big for tires. 

Another really neat and colorful sculpture.

This is Chuck the Oak Hill Iron dog.

He is a wildman. 

The Big Blu Hammers that are made at Oak Hill.

Sure would be nice to have one of those!!!!

Hint birthday is coming up.
For some reason...I don't think that I will be getting one though. 
Who knows...maybe I will get lucky.


This was probably one of the neatest things ever....
Well...maybe not was really really neat.

This happened on St. Patrick's Day.

How often do you get to see that???

I ran all over looking for the pot of gold....

Then....exhausted.....I finally found it.

The mini mules were the pot of gold.

Or maybe it is the by product of mini mules.
They do look like little nuggets....Hey...maybe I am on to something.


This is photo number 18.  A corner of your home.
Yes....I actually do live in a barn.  

Picture of a couple of my bottles.
I collect them....


Photo number 19...todays photo.

Alternate funny photo.  May the donkey.
With no ears.  

Have a great week folks!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Photo challenge and wild abandon.

Hi...long time no see.  
This is a busy time of year for us furniture folks. 
Pre-Market in High Point is this week.
I have been glued to my computer doing renderings and time has gotten away from me. 

Please forgive my lack of posting.
To make up for the lack of posting....I have 52 photos on this post.

I am doing the March Photo A Day photo challenge with some other folks.
From the Fat Mum Slim blog.

The photo of Smudge above is the first photo...UP.

This is photo number 2.  Fruit.
I had a bunch of strawberries on steroids the night before I realized that the challenge was fruit.
I took the strawberries to a meeting with the ladies in the writing group that I am a part of.  
Needless to say the strawberries did not make it into the photo.  
So....sadly.....the only other fruit that I had was a bag of frozen blueberries.
I think they turned out pretty good.  I grew them too and that makes it even better.

This is photo number 3.  Your neighborhood.
I also have a story behind this one.  
I wanted to hike with Zippy to a Christmas tree farm a couple of ridges over to get a 
picture of our neighborhood.  One with Elk Knob State Park and Snake Mountain in the  background.
We got all the way over there and then met up with a loose dog.  Zippy does not 
play well with others and I had to turn around and come back home without  my shot. 
Zippy was on a lead, but I just did not want to chance it.  
Oh well...

Photo number 4...bedside.
I thought this was better than my nightstand with a chewed up nylabone on it.

A picture of the snow starting.

This is milkweed.
I thought it was very soft and pretty.

Checking out the snow storm that was blowing in.

Zippy on the lookout for snow...and deer.
Or any other moving object.

More milkweed.

Can't get enough milkweed.  Ha ha ha..

This is photo number 5.  Smile.
Snow makes me smile!

We had a great time in the snow.
Even if it was only a few inches. 

It did not last very long, but at least we had some.

This is photo number 6.  5 PM.  

I think they are wondering what I am doing. 

I like the way Eco hides behind the others....
He is probably thinking that I am going to do something to him.
He injured his "good" eye the other day and I have to clean it and medicate twice a day.
Poor guy. 

This was my alternate "smile" shot.

I have always wanted to get a picture of Zippy doing this. 
When he shakes, his feet go off the ground. 
He really gets into it. 

Don't worry Eco...I only want a picture of you. don't have to hide.


Danza with snow on her nose.

Smudge zooming around.  

More zooming.

When I walk with Smudge she flies past me and tries to grab my hand or jacket.
She has air under her cheeks.  On the way down.
One of my friends said that her shadow looks like the Grinch.

Here she is trying to grab my jacket.

Zippy found this in the woods the other day.
Pretty neat.

Looking for Ruffled Grouse.
He is really getting good at finding birds.  
I think we are up to about 15-20 Grouse sightings.

Who knew a Bull Terrier could be a birddog?

This is photo number 8. Window.

You may ask....What is that thing you are using for a window....
Well...a cow vertebrae of course.  
No cows were harmed in the making of these photos.
I found the vertebrae.

This is photo number 9.  Something you wore.

That is my Mickey Mouse hat and various buttons from my past.
I thought the "Just visiting this planet" one and the "Hope I die before I get old" one 
suited the deer.

This is just interesting.  
I loved the gnarlyness of it.

I know gnarlyness is not a least I don't think it is.


Smudge on the way to her Grandpa's birthday celebration.

Photo number 9.  Red.
A shriveled up Peter Pepper.  

Checking for Grouse.

A picture of Zippy in action.  
Sneaking up to the Grouse's lair.
Every time one comes flapping out of the brush, I jump about 10 feet into the 
air....well..not really 10 feet, but I jump really high.
Still trying to get a picture of the actual bird.  
If only I weren't so jumpy.   

The first signs of spring. 

Picture number 10.  Someone you talked to today.
And....yes....she is talking back!

Picture number 11.  Loud.
I called this one Braying for Breakfast.
Breakfast Burrito.

This is what donkeys think of Smudges.  

They don't like them.

At all.

Otis has the cutest little trot.
One of these days...when I have time...
I want to try him out with my cart.
That will be an interesting adventure.

Her Highness....Princess Smudge.
On her splintered throne.

Share the love Smudge.

This is like a family portrait.

Zippy enjoying the warm weather.
Jumping and digging.
His ankle is really swollen, but he was having so much fun that I just let him go.
Why not?

Such style and grace.


Photo number 12.  Fork.  

I just shake my head..

At least he is having fun.

Go out and jump or do something with wild abandon.
It will make a big difference in your life. 
Just ask Zippy.