Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A nice long installment of how Jill's life turns.

Oops!  Sorry little guy...didn't mean to have the flash on.  
Poor fellow.

Zippy hanging out in the grass.

I have been working on this cute stool for a friend.
My dad made the stool and I painted it. 
I put glow in the dark paint on the name and a little flower.  

This is one of my photos for the photo of the day challenge.
I was May 7th.  Someone that inspires you.
This is a picture of my Grandmother.  She was a wonderful person and 
one of the sweetest people on the face of the earth.  
I miss her every day.

Zippy and Elk Knob State Park.  

Zippy looking good in the flowers.  

Elk Knob in the mist.

May 8 photo of the day.  A smell you adore.
Lilacs...I love the smell of lilacs!  
It is the type of smell that makes me dizzy.

My blue concrete dog in the lupine.

Love the way she peeks around the blooms. 

The grass is getting really tall now and we are starting to see something 
that we normally never ever have to deal with.
The winter was so mild this year, that they seem to be everywhere.

I hate that...

My new hand carved, Faux Bois 
stump stool/ side table.
It has a little hobbit house.

Zippy pointing! 
Some wild turkeys had just been through the field.  

Sniffing the air. 

Another beautiful day!  

I like looking at these pictures, because it has been raining here for the past few days.

It always, always rains when it is time to harvest hay.
We still have two loads of hay stuck in another location waiting for the rain to end.

May 11.  Photo of the day.  Kitchen.
This is my kitchen...I do not like that stove.
It is on it's last leg...
The only redeeming thing about my kitchen is the concrete backsplash that has a 
border made from a piece of pottery that my cat broke.
The pottery is by Jennifer Stas.  She is a very very talented person and I loved the vase
and was sad when my cat (Scatter) broke it.
So...I saved the pieces and made this backsplash. 

This is another photo of the day...May 14..Grass

Zippy still looking at the view.

I'm going to break out of this joint someday...


I'm getting out of here one day, can count on it..

This post is moving at a snail's pace.

Blooming Hawthorne.

Happy, smiling faces.....

Smudge has been having an issue...
She has had three seizures.
We do not know why, but we are trying to figure it all out. 

Another photo of the day....May 10. 
A favorite word.  

Trying to take a picture of Smudge is not easy.....
She is constantly moving.

Little big head. 

My poppies are just starting to bloom....Now it is raining and 
they are on their sides. 

Zippy and Smudge having a positive experience.

Hey....Zippy.....come back!!!

I want to play!

This is another photo of the day.....Snack.
I also had a cheese cracker, but it was gone by the time I took the picture.

And....yet another photo of the day....Something you made.
I made the little dragonfly (and the concrete).
I just wish that I had more time to practice blacksmithing. 
It is so much fun! 
Hoping to take another class this fall.

Photo of the day.  May 19.  A favorite place.
My yard and gardens are one of my favorite places.  
Working in the garden helps me relax after a long day in front of the computer.

This is a shot of a flower called "Rainbow Loveliness".  

Yard shot.

Another shot of the garden.  

This is a goofy shot of me...
One of my neighbors just started producing kale chips for retail sale.
Kale Yeah, is the brand.  They are very good.   
I took some of her chips to a neighborhood get-together for an appetizer.
The bowl is by Jennifer Stas and matched the piece that Scatter broke. 

Hey baby...I'll take a kale chip.


This is the photo for May 22.  Pink.
A Bowl of Beauty peony.

Rainbow Loveliness.

More Rainbow Loveliness.
You can get the seeds from Seed Savers Exchange. 

Are we still on the same post?????

Man, it's long!

I'm seriously breaking out of here. 

This is entirely taking up way too much of my play time.

My friend, Steve came over to visit the other day.
Smudge was a little worried about the bike, but got over it.  

Photo for May 21.  Where you stand.
On my front porch drinking coffee.  

Another poppy!  

May....Her birthday was May 8th.
She is now 6 years old.  

This lovely photo will end this post.

This is my mom.  

She is the subject of the May 13 photo of the day....Mum/Mom.  

I hope you all have a wonderful week and hope to see you again soon!!!