Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Playing catch up...and a bright gift.

I feel as if I have been away for a while.
I have.

I had all of my pictures in place for a blog post and something took over my world 
for a bit.  
Nothing major, just a creative project.
It is at the bottom of all of these accumulated pictures.

One warm (40s) day...
I spotted this while Zippy and I were out on a walk.
A very bright cup fungi called a Helotium.
Hot pink in the middle and a peachy color on the outside. 
It was getting dark and I had a difficult time getting a picture of it. 
I thought that maybe I would go back in the morning and try again, because it 
was so pretty.

The next morning...
looked like this!
A nice blizzard like storm.
I never got that second Helotium picture.

I actually think that the minis and the horses liked it for awhile.
It has been so warm and their coats are so thick.
Probably pretty refreshing.

Oracle seemed very content in the snow.

They had access to the barn and just stayed out in it all day.

I love his white eyelashes.

Then the wind really kicked in and they all came inside for the night. 

The next day was beautiful, but most of the snow had blown away.

This spot was a little more protected.

The snow melted very quickly and back into the 40s again.
We even hit 50 one day.
It has given me a chance to get some things in my gardens cleaned up a bit.
THINGS that a certain little white dog drug into my flower beds.

Here is the little princess.  
Angry because I am in the flower bed removing her collection of 

She has a real stash of high valued items under the deck too.

Barking at me because she knows that I am raiding her treasure.

Seriously.....I unplug my little pond pump every winter and guess what I found.

"Someone" had chewed completely through the cord to the pump.

The cord was even buried.
I don't know how she happened to find it.

Just glad it was not plugged in.

Hi....My name is Smudge and I have a chewing problem.

Really....It is not MY problem....

The humans are the ones that have the problem...
I just have fun..

Remember Smudge..
It is all fun and games until someone gets electrocuted.

I know, May....It is hopeless.

Mud, mud, mud...
The pastures are so muddy and gross.

Especially when the horses do this...

and this....
He might be old (21)...but by gosh...he can still move.

I guess that they are having fun though!

Eco snorting at me....

I get no respect.

Hey.....Just stretching our legs.
Nothing personal.

Even Zippy has been taking advantage of the great weather.
Jumping and digging.
(No skunk chasing though)

Here we go again....
another small snow.
I guess it is too much to ask for a really big snow this late in the game.

Although....one of the largest snows on record here happened in mid March.
So I guess that I should keep thinking positively.  

Zippy has been checking for deer at his favorite deer viewing station.
There were actually two deer to the far right and he could not see them because of the tree.

Such a pretty snow.  
No wind..
That is always a bonus.


Back into the 40s we go....

Smudge making a snow angel.
A little Smudge trivia...
Angel was her name when she was born.


More zooming.

and ........
even more zooming.

Not sure if you can read this..
It is a Valentine's Day card that I made when I was a kid.
I know I am late in posting this, but I thought it was funny.

Now......TA DA

This is what has taken my time away....
Not for everyone.....a very bright guitar.
I painted it for a gift. 
For a person that dedicated his time and expertise to the benefit for my friend
that was injured in the car accident last summer.
My friend just had another surgery on her arm....a bone graft.
She still has at least 2-3 more surgeries ahead of her. 
You never know when your life will change....live it to the fullest.  

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More chewing and a skunk encounter.

I can't wait until it starts warming up and my flowers will pop up from the ground.

So pretty and warm.  
Green grass and growing pumpkins.

You may wonder why I am in a hurry for grass and warmth.  

This is why!  
Such a muddy mess. 
I miss the snow and cold.  It keeps everything in check until Spring.
My garlic is coming up the horses are a mess and the lilacs and viburnums are getting buds.
It just seems too early.  I know that we will have freezing temperatures and the blooms
will be damaged.  

Just look at how cute Smudge was (and still is of course).  
This photo should have given me a clue about future behavior. 

This should have also been a small indicator of things to come.
I thought it was so cute that she would climb up into the chair from the side.
What was I thinking?

Poor Gus...he has to watch so many bad things.
I put Smudge out only for a moment.  I was inside putting my coat on.  Getting ready to 
go to the shop to work on concrete.  When I reached the door...this is what I saw.

Bad, bad Smudge.
Look at that chair...
The chair that my dad made.

I didn't mean to do it!
Besides....you forgot about it soon enough.
You forgot because of what Zippy did.......
At least I am not as bad as Zippy.

Okay, Smudge....I will give you that.  
Zippy did get in trouble.

What's a Terrier to do????

I mean..it was just a little skunk..

Here little skunk..

I think that I smell pretty good...
At least I am clean and sparkling white.

He may be clean and sparkling white, but boy does he stink. 

A 2a.m. skunk encounter is not a fun thing to deal with.
I did find that a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish soap
did the trick.  

The only problem is that skunk oder sticks to everything.  
I never really understood just how powerful skunk scent was. 

I can only imagine the surprise that Zippy had when he had his mouth just in perfect 
chomping position...only to be sprayed full force by the most powerful scent
known to man.  

It has been so beautiful and clear.  

A small Hawthorne tree. 

I love the moss covered base of this tree.  

I found this spongy piece of wood with some sort of insect tunnels running through it. 
Thought it was pretty interesting.

Another view of my "Thinking Place". 

I know what Zippy is thinking.......
Here little skunk.....
You would think that a skunk encounter would deter a terrier....
Nope..Only makes him want one even more.  

I have been very busy making concrete stumps.
This is a large planter.  
Approx. 17" tall.

A stump stool/side table.
17-18" tall.

Another view showing the top.

I did an experiment with a heart shaped rock embedded into the concrete. 
I think that I like it. 

Using my models for size comparison.  

Another stump stool/side table.  

All hand carved Faux Bois concrete.

Here skunk.....
I bet that I will get you next time....

We had a very small dusting of snow this morning. 
Warm enough for the minis to enjoy.
It has been so warm this winter that I think they are enjoying this! 

Smudge loves it!