Monday, June 2, 2014

Morals, Morels, Stampedes and Dirty Dogs.

Once upon a time...there was a sweet bulldog named Smudge.  
She wanted to help her mom find Morels.

She was confused because she thought that we already had morals, but she knew that her mom could probably use a few more.

silly dog.  
Although, we could probably improve our morals we were really looking for morel mushrooms.  
A big difference.

We looked behind every tree.  

We looked high...

We looked low....

We got hot and took a dip in the pond.  

We rested and finally......

We found a MOREL!!  

Close your eyes, kids...
These butterflies must not have morals.
Wow!  I thought it was just the birds and bees....boy, am I embarrassed. 

Hi Mr. Zippy. 

Enjoying the grass.

Mules and donkeys in love.  
It is spring...these things happen.

Everyone got haircuts....well, except for Zippy. 
He never needs a haircut.

What a goofy sit.  

I guess that is how you sit when you are on a hill.


The beautiful green of spring.

Can't get enough of it. 

This large fellow is on Jak's land.  
He has lots of personality...the tree...and Jak too.  

Zippy agrees. 

Another view of the large Hickory tree.

Lots of wild grapevines.
Also on Jak's property.

A beautiful stream on Jak's land.

Zippy checking it out. 

Oh no!!!!!!!

What have you done???

Don't mind me...
Just rolling in fresh bear poop.
It is a delicacy.  

Oh brother....

P.S.  Jak's land is FOR SALE.
Contact Brian at Blowing Rock Real Estate for details. 
Beautiful property, rich in natural resources.  
Zippy approved. 

Mr. Indigo Bunting...singing and defending his wife from his own reflection.  

A beautiful Showy Orchis or Orchid.

Run, man, RUN.  
This is Rocky the Flying Squirrel. 
He likes to eat out of the bird feeders.

Took Zippy for a walk and we didn't get very far before we were being hit by giant rain drops.
We took shelter under the saw horse table at Pumpkin Fest.  

One of my first asparagus spears....It was as big as Zippy's leg.
You can see it in the picture.
Haha..just a "slight" exaggeration. 
Zippy loves asparagus, so I couldn't get to close to him. 
You can see it in his eyes.....he really wants that spear.

Zippy next to one of Jak's giant wild azaleas.
Pond in background. 

Beautiful Japanese Maple at Jak's.

Zippy after visiting Jak's pond.....I think he and Smudge both get baths every time they visit Jak.  
Oh makes life more interesting and fun....right?

Smudge at the NCSU Veterinary Complex.

We took her in for a checkup.  We have increased one of her meds and she is doing much better.  
She had been having more frequent seizures (every 3-5 days) and we were hoping to adjust some of her medications to change that.  We did and she has now gone (knock on wood) 20 days seizure free.  This is so wonderful and she seems to be doing well so far.  Please send her good thoughts. 

An interesting branch with fresh spring foliage.
I always pronounce foliage incorrectly....I don't know why. 
foilage.....I think that I will just continue.  
Possibly just make up my own language...the animals will not care.
I doubt any of the humans will either...none of the ones around me can hear anyway. 


Oh...but they can read.
Maybe they won't see this. Hahaha.

Smudge has made a new friend.  He is here for the summer.
My neighbor's dog, Skyler.
I think that they are in love.
Skyler is a wild animal and loves to dig...he is a lot like Zippy, but in a shorter package.

Beautiful May Apples in bloom.  

Bleeding Heart.

I know that it is hard to may actually have to use a magnifying glass....
but there is a bluebird right on the very tip top of that tree.


Mr. Zippy...

He has lost his hearing...
I knew he was having a problem, but didn't realize that it was so far progressed.
He could still hear, but only loud noises.
Then, this spring, he had a large build up of wax..from what we are assuming were allergies.
A vet visit, cleaning and medicating...and now he has no hearing whatsoever.  
Either that or he has really gotten good at ignoring me.
I did, however, try the "real" certified hearing test...The Biscuit Drop test.
He didn't even notice the cat when she brought him a mouse snack. 
Poor little guy.
He will be 11 in Aug., so I guess things like this will happen.  I hate seeing him age, but I am very grateful to have him for so long.  You see...none of my other dogs ever made it past 8.  So, I am very fortunate to have Zippy with me now, hearing or no hearing.  

The largest Chestnut tree in the neighborhood has died...or at least the main tree has died.
You can see the new growth and leaves coming from the base.  
It produced nuts for several years....maybe that is where my neighbors came from...hahaha...
Sort of. 

One of my gardens right before the stampede.
The only thing left standing is the tree.

Garlic crop.
It is much larger now and sending out scapes.

Oracle being silly.

Hey.....give me some airtime.

Eco doing stretching exercises.

Look at me....I can do stretching exercises...
Plus...I am much cuter than that horse.


Another heart rock balancing act.

Zippy with the heart rock.

Fence along the driveway.


Hark.....what do I hear???

Oh no!!!!! 

A stampede.  

Danza....stop flirting with that horse!  

Yeah Danza!  What about us...we are your boyfriends.  

That's what you thought, buddy....we are taking her back to our homestead.  
After we destroy your mom's garden and poop in the yard.

The back side of Mast General Store in Valle Crucis.

Front garden.

Bleeding Heart.

This horse can carry a lot of people.  Hahaha.

Miss Kim Lilac.


BE-UTIFUL Elk Knob State Park.  

Mr. Bunting.

Smudge!  Let's go see your new friend Skyler.

Worn out! 

Miss May.
Her birthday was May 8th....8 years old!!!

Hard to believe.  
We love you Miss May.

A large bumble bee.
Oh....I mean flying cat.
This is why we call her Scatter. 

Another view of Elk Knob.  

83 pictures later and we are at the end of the post...
I know...finally!  
Until next time folks...enjoy your day!  

The End...