Sunday, July 31, 2011

Unbelievable cuteness and....another box from the attic.

This is the unbelievabull cuteness.

Still has no name although...she does have a smudge of color on her tail.
I was toying around with the name Smudge.  Not very feminine though...
It is just a thought. 

This most beautiful fragrant garlic arrived from Gary at Skoog Farm.
Can't wait to plant it this fall!!
Thanks, Gary!

Mr. King Bee.
I know that I have posted a few other shots of him...but..
I really like him and just had to post another. 

For the first time in his life is....well...tubby.
I guess he has been kind of inactive...
That will all change when the new little bundle of joy arrives. 
By the way....when I took this picture...he had just rolled his ball under the fence.
He is staring at it.  Waiting for me to go all the way around...through the gate and down the
hill to retrieve the ball.  Then I throw it and he does it again.
Great people trainer.

More flowers.
The brown blur in the background is a mini mule moving at the speed of light.

The sun shade that I use when making concrete....well..had an accident.
The wind (which is sometimes abundant here) blew it around and bent the legs.
Zippy uses it as a playpen. 

Opal the pumpkin chugging along.

I really dislike deer when they do this.

Please Mr. Deer....go out into the woods and eat other deer food. 
My hosta plants are not happy....I am not happy.
Why must ye do this??? 

Okay.....what you have all been waiting for!!!
My old attic box rediscovered treasures..

I am not sure how old I was when I wrote that note to Santa, but notice 
that he wrote me back thanking me for his cookies. 

When I was a wee parents always encouraged us (myself and two old...older sisters)
to make our own cards.
I really enjoyed making them...except that mine opened the wrong way.

Most folks did not know that I drew an early version of Sponge Bob.

I really like the way my sky floated on top and the sun had a smile on it's face.

Here is a great idea for kids everywhere.  
Trace your foot and make a drawing out of it. 

Even at an early age....I loved pumpkins.

Watch out Mr. Bee....

Fire trucks were fun to draw.

I got a check mark for this, but...I don't think fo is a word.

I hope to never run into this chipmunk.  He looks pretty evil.

I just really have no idea what this is.....

This clown has a pretty red and blue house.

This must have been the beginnings of another clown.
I really liked tall houses.

This is one of my favorites and it is true.
I always told people that my sisters did not play well with others.  
Kind of like Zippy.

My house was neither blue, red or that tall.
However we did have an antennae.

I did have a friend with brown hair....and still do.

I think something is amiss here.

This is one of my favorites.

I think that this one is predicting my future.
Giant pumpkin....I love you.

This is unique in the fact that I used to go to my dad's office and sit at his drawing table and make
things like this.
He added the part on the bottom.

Another towering inferno.  
That poor fireman looks a little limp.

Last but not least!
A self portrait. 

Have a great week folks!

I would like to say that my friend that was in the auto accident is still in the hospital getting ready for 
surgery number 6 and 7.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Little Secret and Beautiful Flowers.

Well.....we just had to take the plunge.  

You are looking at 3 week old Bulldog pups.  
Of course...we picked the white one.  
She has a little spot of red on her tail.  

We will not pick her up for another 5 weeks or so and that is giving me time
to get used to the idea.  

I hope that Zippy will learn to love her as much as he did Bumble. 
I know that is a toss up, but we are prepared even it that does not happen.  
She does not have a name yet other than her litter name...which is Angel.
As soon as I heard that..I knew she was the one...I used to call Bumble by that name sarcastically (when she was running from me with a shoe in her mouth) and 
it seems that it was meant to be.

And....yes....I KNOW we are nuts.

The gladiolas have been spectacular this year!
The color on this one is amazing. 

My garden is going crazy with blooms.

Here is a rare picture of me in front of a giant sunflower.
All of these sunflowers are volunteers from last years seeds. 
I would estimate the tall one to be around 11 feet tall.

Another shot of the beautiful hot pink gladiola.

Scatter cat posed for me the other day.
As you can guess by her name...she is not easy to find most of the time
when you do see her she it darting off into the garden.

Scatter is one of the best hunters that I have ever seen. 
(Of course she did let ratzilla live in the barn for year. ) 
We don't like to mention that in front of her because it is a little bit of a sore spot 
on her rather stellar hunting record.

Oh yeah...and what about that vole that keeps going for my potatoes???
Someone needs to quit goofing off on the deck and get busy protecting the garden. 

Another shot of the barn/house.  
I forgot to answer a question about the house when I posted pictures of the new paint color.
We did not build this structure, and it already had a living space in the lower half.
The horses live in one side and we live in the other.  Very convenient when it is 10 degrees and snowing.  We are slowly but surely adding things to the upstairs to convert it into living space. day.....I will have a nice little painting studio and office upstairs. 

More Gladiolas.

This is the largest pumpkin so far....Looking good!!

The mutant vine has now quadrupled itself and is really strange looking.  
Of course...I forgot to get a picture of it!!

Another beauty.

Butterflies have been all over my cone flowers this week. 

I know you are all sick of seeing my flowers by now!!

I just can't help it...

I am in big trouble if these guys get out....
They keep staring at my flowers and I can tell they want to eat them. 
So far....May has not broken into the pumpkin patch, but I think she is just working up a master plan.
Waiting until I least expect it.

Zippy is STILL trying to get into the garden to eat the vegetables.

He is so bad!
He even ate the broccoli plants that I pulled up the other day!

Gus right before a swim.

Taking this moment to give a shout out to my friend and neighbor who was in a serious 
car accident this past week.  She was driving home and a young man that was not 
paying attention to the road and driving well over the speed limit (they estimated at least 70 a 35 mph zone).  He went left of center and hit my friend who was desperately trying to get out of the way.  
My friend has very serious injuries and will have a long road of recovery.
Hang in there MA!!
Hoping you get to come home soon.