Friday, May 28, 2010

Gardening and Grass

Today we are going to talk about how beautiful the flower gardens are and share a few pictures of the yard.

Wait a minute.................

Hold the presses.

This is MY blog!

What about me???

Well...Bumble it is really Jill's life and not Bumble's life..........Besides I am the one that knows how to type...

Okay...back to the gardens.

The poppies are just starting to bloom and WOW...are they big.

I think the blooms on this one are about four feet tall.

Okay Bumble.....I see you back there...trying to sneak into the picture.
I love the color of these, but also enjoy the more traditional orange red.  

I thought this was a neat shot with the bee buzzing around. 

The orange ones are also beginning to open along with my some of the other spring bloomers.  

Ha ha ha......Check out these bloomers.....ha ha ha.


The foxgloves are in abundance this year.  I wonder if the snow cover we had this winter has something to do with that?  

I am not sure what type of insect this is, but I love his color!

BuZZZ.......BUZZZZ.......I am a Bumble bee.......

Okay...Okay....let's go for a walk!

Well.....It is about time!

La la la la.......Hurry Bumble.....they do not call me Zippy for nothing.  


Wow....look at that view!  The colors are so pretty.  Hard to believe we were walking around up here in the snow just a couple of months ago.  

The grass is getting pretty tall too. 

Kind of takes your breath away...

Looks like we are going to have LOTS of blackberries....I can't wait!

I think this is the kind of day to just sit back and enjoy the view.  

Bumble.....where are you???




This way Zippy!

I lost you in the tall grass.   Sorry!
I guess it is time to go.....Mom has a golf date.  

Beautiful Elk Knob State Park!  This is part of the view from the neighbor's "golf course".

Here is another view from the course.  Just beautiful!  

What a great day!

The End of another fun day.  

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beautiful flowers and a shout out to some friends

In honor of my friends Benny and Lily; I thought that I would see what it was like to be French.  You see my friends Benny and Lily are French Bulldogs. 

This is their birthday month!  They were both born in the same month.  

I am a little embarrassed because I did not get them a birthday present.   So I am writing to tell them Happy Birthday Month! 

Now I think that I will take a nap!  

For some reason my dreams are really heavy.........zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ha ha......very funny mom!

Walk time!   Wow, Bumble look at all of the beautiful clouds!

That's nothing.....look at all of these beautiful flowers!!!

Oh yeah.......look at these!

Amazing....these flowers cover the fields.  What a fantastically beautiful day!

You know Bumble.....this is one of the most peaceful places on earth!


Yes it is peaceful know, I could use a beer.  Great suggestion Zippy!

I did not say beer.........I said DEER!!!!!

Come on!!!!!

Oh....ha ha ha...

Now this is more like it.   A good deer chase and some MUD!

Okay guys......time to go home before this goes too far.

Hello horses!

There is Scatter Cat on top of Mom's trellis!

That is concrete you know.  

Look at that beautiful Iris!  Oh no it is starting to rain!!!
We better hurry!

Boy I am glad we made it home before we got too wet!  
I love our walks!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to Judy May and a Hotdog adventure

Happy 4th Birthday Miss Judy May!  
Here she is when she won second prize in a local pet show.  She was voicing her opinion about the llama that "stole" first place from her.  

Here she is with her half brothers.

We love you Miss Judy May and Happy Birthday!!!  

On to the Hot Dog adventure.............

Man I am one hot dog.  My tongue really sticks out when I get hot.  

It just gets longer and longer. almost blocks Zippy from being in the picture!

I sure do wish that we had some water to play in.  It is just not right for Bulldogs to be hot.

I know that there is some water around here somewhere.  

Hey look at this beautiful Magnolia bloom!

What on earth is this.......
What is that saying.....a snake in the grass is better than one biting me in the nose.....Or something like that...
Okay, okay...I will get away from that snake!  

Gosh......I am so hot.....where is Zippy????

Hey Bumble..........Look!  I found some water!!!!!  It is so cool and refreshing.  Come on and dive in!  I am so glad we found this water......


Mom are you upset?

I do not know why.....we were just cooling off!

Oh man.......come on Bumble Mom says we have to get out.   What a party pooper.  

I just do not get it.  Why is she upset? 

We were just having fun!  

Yeah.....I do not get it.  I can not imagine why she is so upset.
She said just wait until we get home.....Maybe she is going to give us a present!  Come on Zippy hurry up let's go! 

Then the next day after getting baths the crew went on another walk.
Just look at beautiful Elk Knob State Park!

The sky is so clear and pretty. is so beautiful out here!

I guess so Zippy, but I am getting hot again!

Oh no!

Zippy look to see if Mom is watching! 


Okay!  Come on Zippy!!!!!!

I don't know about this Bumble.....Mom is going to be really mad.

Oh......she will get over it....Jump in!!!!!!

The end and on to give baths........again!

The horses are next!  


You will all smell like a beautiful flower when I am done!