Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Thoughts on cats, worms in shoes and catching up.

It has been a while...
the High Point Furniture Market is coming up and I have been a 
little busy with renderings and...the weather has just been nuts.
So..as usual, I am behind in posting. 
I am also working on a new concrete piece that is a little unusual.
It is bending my mind a bit.
Here we go...

My glads are still blooming here and there.
They have really been beautiful this year.

Another piece of Jak Brewer's glass.

The pumpkin patch is doing well even though the pumpkins are 
a bit light this year.
Rain delayed the pollination process and I am trying desperately to 
add some weight to these gorgeous ladies.

This is the only orange pumpkin that I have.  
It has a very nice shape and color.  It was actually the very first pollination 
of the season.  However it is very close to the stump of the plant.
Only about 6 feet.
Usually you would want it to be about 12 feet from the stump in order to have 
plenty of foliage to help feed the pumpkin. 
To me the size on this one doesn't matter because the color and shape are so nice.

This little lady is actually my largest pumpkin. 
It however was pollinated the third week in July....not good.
It has more growing to do and no time to finish.
We are already having night time temps in the 40s.  

Me and my shadow.

Zippy and I have gotten some nice late afternoon walks in lately. 

Some of you may know that I am very very afraid of worms.
I like what worms do to the soil and blah blah blah, but I can't stand to touch one of those
disgusting slimy creatures without eyes.
So..I was in the garden picking beans and sort of felt something in my shoe.
It felt cold and wet.
All hell broke loose and it started squirming around like a mad man on fire.
So...I started screaming and jumping around like a mad woman on fire.
Finally during the screaming, I realized that I needed to get the shoe off of my foot.
I couldn't put my foot down because the thought of smashing that crazy worm between my toes made me want to vomit and scream.  
I finally got the shoe off of my foot and hobbled over to the shoe (I didn't want to put my foot down without a shoe on) to take this picture.   Still screaming.
I don't know if you can see it, but there is the gross little slime ball slithering out of the upper right hole in the shoe.  BLAH!!!

Sick of glass yet?
I'm not!!!
This is a piece that Jak gave me.
I LOVE it.
The color just does something to me.  The light, the starbursts, the shape. 
I can't stop looking at it.

Oracle...still getting out.
Here he is in the front yard.

Hello there.

Some gorgeous flowers from the garden.

Zippy peeing on my pumpkins.

I told you he was nothing but trouble.

Scatter in the planter.

You can see that it has been sort of overcast and dreary.
I miss the sun.

Just imagine this shot with a blue sky and big fluffy clouds.

This one too.

Miss Bea chugging along. 
Smudge has been modeling for me lately.

She is doing a good job.

Finally!!  A beautiful day....well, really all days are beautiful, but this one was exceptional.

So clear and crisp.

Elk Knob and Snake Mountain.

The Zipster.

You can see how large Miss Bea is getting.
The weigh off in Elkin, NC is the 28th.  
Wish us luck.
I doubt we will place this year, but we will go participate and have a great time.
It is a fun festival.
Smudge will be there too.

Just passing through lady....no pictures please.
Sorry little mole. 

This is a mink.
We went to the Elk Knob fall festival and saw this.
About two years ago we were going through the woods and saw one of these fighting with a chipmunk.  They were only about 2-3 feet from me and the mink was really attacking the poor little chipmunk.  I tried to get a picture, but they were rolling around so much it was impossible.  

Barred owl.


My moon flower finally bloomed...I have been waiting patiently.
That is also my ex-husband in the picture...haha ha..
Just kidding, I don't have an ex-husband.  

One of my neighbor's old barns.
Again...imagine it with a nice blue sky with big fluffy clouds.

This is Ollie the wild mini mule.
We had a breakthrough the other day.
He let me pet him all over his head and neck..Yay!
I had to give him a candy cane first.

Smudge went to Jak's house with me to pick apples.

She had a great time.

I love apples...well, not really but I love picking them.

I am a little bored with apple picking. 

I think that I will go find some mud.

Guarding the pumpkin patch.

I am really really bored.
I need some excitement.

Good more apples for me.
I love apples.

Blue sky, big fluffy clouds.

More apples please.


Run Smudge run!!

Look at that perfect form and running style.

Love the way the drool hangers fling about when she really gets going.

Hey...guess what..
a DEER got into the yard and tried to eat the pumpkins.

It is now my job to guard them.

Just look at what that deer did!!!

We are taking a slight break to hear Smudge's thoughts on cats.

I like cats...don't get me wrong.

But they tend to send mixed signals sometimes. 

Then...they do disgusting things...

I mean really...you just never know where that cat has been or what it has been licking.

Just LOOK at her.

It is almost embarrassing to watch.

Dogs are much more dignified.

Plus this cat is a little like a cross between a Gila monster and a llama.
All of the spitting and clawing....

Yes....dogs are much much more dignified.

Finally....more blue sky and clouds.


Zippy on a recent walk.

Fall wild flowers are popping up.  

Fall allergies are popping up.

Oh no....Oracle is out AGAIN!!

This time he got out of his pasture and got into the mule/donkey pasture.

No fences damaged.....

Eco is happy for the break.

More of Jak's glass.
I love the illusion of steps in this one.  It is another one of my favorites.

This one is soooo pretty.
The orange with the blue...love it.

Last but not least....this piece is 14 inches tall.
I LOVE this one too.