Friday, July 23, 2010

Catching up!

La la la....I hope no one is looking!  

I am going to do something WILD!

Wild and daring.  

Here goes!!!

Who cares if I get dirty!!!

This is fun!


Yep....Just standing here smelling the pumpkin flowers.  

No one saw that......Right?

I saw it and it was NOT pretty. 
(Yes...I know that I am fat....24 years old fat and unhappy to be on a diet)

Okay...Back to mmeeeee......Ready for a Gator ride!   I really should be in a Gator commercial!

I AM the Bumbagator!

Man this feels good!!!
Definitely the way to travel.  
If only I could drive.....
I sure do love the way my tongue flaps in the wind! 

Well....back home.  
You may think that I am in jail.  You know, being behind bars and all.  

Well....ha...I am NOT the one in trouble!

Someone else did something.....very unsightly to my mom's pumpkin patch!
And we all know how mom feels about those darn pumpkins.   Always pampering them and watering them.  Giving them all sorts of attention.  

Then one morning for her to find this!  


Now you know that I would never do something like that!
What kind of crazed beast would do this??????

Well...THIS is the crazed beast!  
Here she is chasing the cat!  That cat barely escaped!  
Now we all know that I would also NEVER chase that cat.....Ha ha.  

I watched May.  I knew what she had done....

I mean.. the electric fence charger was not working....and well.....what is a donkey to do???

May just helped herself to that pumpkin patch.  
We are all thankful that these are not the giant pumpkins!

That would have been grounds for a Donkey-b-que.

We tried to tie plastic bags around the fence to keep her out...As you can see, May is no
Dumb Ass....Ha ha ha.  More of a Smart Ass...Ha ha ha. got a new very strong charger for that fence.  

May you better watch out!!!

Run.....someone is coming.

Wow!  That was close!  

Glad the fence started working!

Otherwise we would have no pumpkins for PUMPKINFEST!
And that would just not be right. 

Now all is right with the world.....
The flowers are blooming and the birds are singing!
Butterflies are flying.  
Rainbows are bowing.
The hollyhocks are hocking....Oh wait....that does not sound right. 

Speaking of Flowers!
My mom's garden is looking pretty good.  
She is not so happy about it though.  She says it has been a bit neglected.  
I like it.

Just look at it!  
Not too shabby.  
Just not enough rain this summer!  

Here are some friends from the garden.
Hello...Mr. Butterfly!

Hello Dragonfly beauty!

Hello Mr. Psycho Super Fly......
Please go elsewhere.   Take the Japanese Beetles with you!!!

Hello Beautiful yellow spider!  
You sure are pretty.  

Hello there!
Wait....sorry to disturb you Madam.  
Carry on.....I am out of here.  

Now that is enough to give someone a bad dream!

Speaking of dreaming!
I am worn out....Time for a nap!

This is Bumble....
Over and OUT.  

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How things are going according to Zippy

Hi folks!  Zippy here!  Hope you all had a great July 4th holiday.  

I am not sure why but we had these bright things in the sky that made very loud noise.  

Mom said that they were fireworks.  

I guess that they were kind of pretty.  

It is getting better around here thank goodness.  My mom dug up her garlic and was happy at how it looked.  I do not care much for garlic.  

I do love flowers though.  

Oh no!!!!   Is that Bumble???  She has been so much trouble this past week.  Getting into everything!  I guess she knows that she can get away with it.  Being cute and all.  Well.....Let me tell you...what you are about to see will stun you.  Bumble being....well..... not so cute.  

Ha.....Zippy I am cute no matter what you say!  

You are just jealous.  

Right Bumble!  Look at your face in this picture.  Down right ferocious.  I mean.....just look at that mouth.   It looks like a trash can.  I am skeered.  

Look at how you treat me!  Bossing me around and not letting me get back up.  

Ha ha....At least I am faster than you are!  I can run away from you......Ha ha ha..

After all of that...Bumble then coaxed me into mom's garden and got me in trouble.  Little did anyone know...but Bumble was under that cherry tree too.  

Not my fault.

Then she did this!  Now who in their right mind would fall asleep with a stick in their eye??????  

What was she thinking???

Good question.  I guess that I was just sleepy.  

Yes has been a tough job watching Bumble.  I am so glad that my mom and dad are feeling better.  

As a matter of fact my parents were feeling well enough to go see a band play.  

I thought they were going to see the Beatles, but realized that was not right.

My mom had just taken a picture of a beetle.  

They actually went to go see Jonathan Birchfield play.  He is very very talented.  

That is him with the guitar.  

I thought this picture was funny.  My mom said that is what her brain felt like with shingles.  Ha ha ha. 

Glad she is over that!!! 

Hello Mr. Pumpkin!  Mr. Magic Pumpkin.  He has been around here a long time.  He was carved last year!  Pretty neat if you ask me.  He is a knucklehead.  A Knucklehead pumpkin that is.  

Speaking of knunckleheads.....

Hello Ollie the wild mini mule!  Ha, not so wild now!  

You look rather sophisticated with that nice halter and a hair cut.  Even more so than that donkey.  

Hey..... dog.  You do not know what you are talking about.  

By the way.......It's a girl!  Our new giant pumpkin!!!!!

Well, this is all that I have to report.  It was a fast and furious fourth!  Get it....Bumble.....furious.....ha ha ha......
Oh and I almost forgot.  We were just informed that I am going to be in the 2011 Pet Prints Bull Terrier calendar.    Oh...... and Bumble will be in the Bulldog one and Gus in the Labrador one.  The Bull Terrier one is the best though.  If you have a chance, check them out.  

Over and Out.
Your pal, 

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!!

Well.......I have had my Bumblebath and I am ready for a great 4th!  

My mom and dad usually ride their horses in the parade.
This year however, they are not going.  My dad says he can not control his horse with one hand and 
well , if he were to fall off of that wild Oracle......Not a good picture.  Not to mention the fact that some of the people in charge of the parade wanted the horses to wear diapers a couple of years ago.  Ha ha ha.  Horses in diapers.....that is funny.  A pooper scooper would be better.  Ha ha ha.  

Personally I am glad that they are not going.  Then I get to do something fun!  Ha.  

This is Eco from a past parade.  

Glitter glue stars!

The parade in Blowing Rock will not be the same without the horses.   Horses helped build this beautiful country.....It is the 4th.......Independence Day!   It seems that the people there have an aversion to horse apples and well, horses do make apples.   Part of life and makes a pretty darn good composting material.  Just ask the giant pumpkins growing away in the yard.  I mean is just a little grass and water mixed together....What's the big deal anyway?  It is biodegradable....Probably less bacteria in there than what is on the bottom of your shoes.  

Oh well. 

Hope everyone parties responsibly.  No drinking and driving!  Just stay home like me.  
P.S.  I like horse apples.