Friday, March 25, 2011

Small signs of Spring

Scatter lounging in my faux bois planter.
She loves this thing so much that I may just make one for her to hang out in.  

One of the small signs that spring is in the air.
I have not seen any spring peepers yet, but have heard a few. 

Oracle!...what is that?????

I don't know Eco.
One of the strangest things that I have ever seen...
It looks like some sort of large ring.
I wonder if we could use one of those.

Looks like they are having fun!
When they are not looking we will try it! 

Check out this unusual tree!
Who knows how this happened?  

Her workouts are really helping her girlish figure.

Another very interesting tree.  

Hi folks!

Bumble here......
Remember how clean I was last week?
Well...something happened.
Something really, really bad.
Something that made my mom upset in many ways.

Another small sign of spring.

We went for our daily excursion and I was so clean that we visited the 
cleanest stream around.
That way if I got hot, I could walk around in the water without getting dirty.

It worked too...
but only for a while.....

We smelled flowers along the way.

We also checked out one of the neighbor's ponds.

I do not swim, so I stayed on the bank.  

Bulldogs sink...They say it is because we are so top heavy.
I have never even tried to swim.
Besides "they" are always watching me...
I have never even had a chance to try.

He he is my chance! 
No one is looking!

Oh crap!
I fell in head first! 

Maybe if I roll around...
no one will notice all of the dirt.
Oh no.....
Why did I do this!?  

I think it is working!


I can feel it.

I will shake a little for good measure.


As good as new!

No one will ever notice!

And.....Another interesting tree.

Just in case anyone has ever wondered what is at the end of a rainbow.

Horse water buckets!

Another small sign of spring.

We had a hail of a storm the other day.

No concrete was damaged in the making of this 
blog post.

The first seconds of the storm included some nice large chunks of hail. 

The last little sign of spring.

I am sure that there will more of this before we have warmer weather.
Actually I like seeing it, because it covers and protects all of the 
early rising plants in my flower beds.  

Have a great day!

Link to Farm Friend Friday at Verde Farm.  

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Strange trees and baths.

Hey Otis, I hear some horses approaching.

Just look at that cute little cowgirl.

LTM's (Larry the Magnificent's) son and granddaughter.  

After a fill up of hot chocolate, they were back on the trail.  
We enjoyed the visit! 

After our guests left, Otis and Ollie started their little "play" session.

They bite each other and go in circles.

Then they both fall down.  

May is not amused.  

I call this tree the "Wizard" tree.
It looks as if it is holding a magic wand.
A strange character.

While in the woods, Bumble and I stumbled across a small spring at the base of this tree.
The base of the tree is huge from all of the nourishment that the spring has provided.  

Another strange tree.  

This is a view from the top of my neighbor's place.

Very pretty!

We have been having this great spring weather.
From snow to fog to warm sunny weather. 
A little too warm really.

The wizard tree with his court.

Another one of the wizard tree's subjects. 

We took a hike up to the top of Elk Knob the other day.

Of course we picked a day that happened to be very foggy and 
did not get to see the expansive view of the surrounding area.
However, there is much to see along the trail.  

Loved this!

A very unique plant growing on a mossy rock. 

Hi everyone!!!

I just had a bath.
Please disregard that dirt on my chest.  
I was still wet and....well....I took a nap in some dirt.
It is just not "right" to be too clean.  

It feels so good to be clean!

So sparkling white and as soft as a pillow.  

Zippy did not get a bath.  
I am not sure why he did not get one, because I think he
smells funny.

Scatter never gets a bath.

Look at those beautiful flowers!!!

Funny story....
While my mom was watching me....
To make sue that I did not roll in the mud.....
(Once again...disregard that dirt on my chest)
She took this lovely picture.

Then she screamed....because she saw this.

Zippy was lying in the mud.  

She rushed over to try and make him get up, but......

Zippy saw her coming and rolled in the mud right in front of her!!!

He ended up looking like this...

Hey Zippy!

I think you are in trouble!!!

Then he had the nerve to shake on me.  

Gus and I relaxed while Zippy got a bath....

He he he..

I am going to try to hook up with Verde Farm for Farm Friend Friday (even though it is Saturday).