Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A smelly situation and rime ice.

Beautiful Elk Knob State Park.  

Snake Mountain.

Scatter in a fountain...
Ha ha ha.

Scatter, scattering.

I have really outdone myself....82 photos!

Zippy is getting ready for spring planting by helping me 
turn the ground in the pumpkin patch.

He takes this job very seriously.

He tests the soil and makes sure it is just right. 

Mixes it around a little and then...

Pounces to make sure it is all in the correct place.

The little grey barn.

Another shot of the barn. 
This barn has so much character. 
It belongs to my neighbor.

Spring is a wonderful time here.
When we get a spring that is.

At the moment we have mud and still have plenty of cold weather.
March is always a month of turmoil.
For one birthday is in March.
The other is the fact that March here is never ever a warm month.
If we have only lasts for a day or two.
I am okay with that....because spring snows are always beautiful. 

Oh crap....I forgot that your birthday was coming up!  

That's okay, May. 
I would like to forget too.  Ha ha ha.

This is Pheromona.
I accidentally interrupted her dinner.  
We scared each other and then went our separate ways.
We have an understanding...a connection.
We really do.

She has promised to eat all of the Japanese beetle grubs in the yard this year. 
Thanks, Pheromona!
Just stay away from the dogs!

Luckily, Zippy was running around and had no idea that 
Pheromona was around.

What a relief.

Smudge has been taking it easy. 
Here she is enjoying a nap and modeling a new ear warmer that my 
sister made.  
Excuse the dog hair. 

Smudge has been doing well...(knock on wood)
I think that the time change was hard on her.
I switch her meds when time changes...
I have to or it would be much to confusing for my brain.

Smudge has taken up a new hobby.
She is trying to walk upright.
She needs a purse and a hat.

The rhubarb is coming up!  

Ollie is not impressed with rhubarb.

This is little Coco Chanel.
She was busy eating when Zippy ran right past her.
I saw it happen and about had a coronary.
Called Zippy to me and amazingly, 
he ran over and I used my scarf as a leash.

Coco was happy to then pose for a picture. are the best!

Pheromona showed up again and I walked right up to her to get this shot.
Ha ha ha..
Not really....
I was about 15 feet away.
I read that skunks can spray that 
That means that I was safe.....right?

She was very relaxed and let me take several pictures.  
She really is a beauty.

You're will smell like a skunk one day.

You are probably right Eco....


We had the most beautiful sky the other day.

Love those big white, fluffy clouds.

I found a starfish and a grouper the other day.
Ha ha ha..
I thought that I heard the sea.

Zippy thought it was funny.

We had a grand adventure.

We went up top to see the view and then....

took a walk down to the creek.

Saw some great moss.

Hung out for a while.

Zippy took a dip in the frigid water. 
He needed it too.
Look at his undercarriage. 

Even though this happened before the previous photos....I am saving it for last.

It is one of my most favorite things to see.
Rime ice.

Rime ice forms when fog/clouds freeze onto the landscape.
It is incredible.

It looks as if the whole place has been dusted with powdered sugar.

The only problem with it, is the fact that it is very delicate.

Wind and sun are it's enemy.

So....when it happens, I go out as quickly as possible and take a million pictures.

It is magical stuff.

It can make a bad day feel good.

Everywhere you look there is something beautiful.

Enjoy it.


Zippy is up the road..

Pure happiness...

and joy.

9 out of 10 horses surveyed....
love it.

Smudge embraced it.

Even Faux Bois concrete enjoys 
rime ice.

a closer look.

Happy Spring!