Friday, May 27, 2011

Neighborhood party,flat tires, flowers and concrete.

One of our neighbors had a most wonderful party.

This is the commute to the party.

It was their anniversary and they hired a wonderful band and had a big tent set up.

Everything was very beautiful and fun.  

One of the best parties that I have ever attended.
Folks playing volleyball and hula hooping.
All of the dancing and the band.  
The food was out of this world good.  Everyone brought a dish.  

This is the band.

They were so good and people danced all night.  
Thanks Jeff and Ingrid!  
You guys know how to throw a great party!

We had a fun adventure while hauling the  hay for our horses the other day.
First we were pulled by a state trooper.
Then while he was weighing our hay load to see if we were overweight for the type of 
tag we had(they carry scales in their cars).....he said....oh, your tire is going flat.  Nice!

Then after getting our wonderful ticket for not having the proper weighted tag....we tried filling
the tire back up and it held air.  Yay.
There was another service station up the road about a mile and we thought that we would try to make
it there and check the air pressure once we arrived.
200 feet before we got there, the tire was flat again.  By the way...the reason we did not try to get 
a new tire was the fact that the ticket took so long that it was already
after 5:00.  It was either try to go or drop the trailer.  

Not good choices.

While we were on the side of the road pondering.  I happened to think that maybe....just maybe that
one of the tires from our horse trailer or LTM's (Larry the Magnificent's) trailers might fit.  
Sooooo.......LTM to the rescue!!!
LTM...I can say YOU ROCK!!!

One of his tires indeed fit.
We love you!

Found this little beauty the other day.
It has been grossly over harvested and I felt privileged to see it.
I did not touch it and only took a picture.
Sad that it has been so over harvested.

On a brighter note..
While playing golf on our neighbor's course I spotted this beauty.
I went a little overboard on pictures so please excuse the number.

Easy to get lost in all of the pattern and color.

A little further out. 

Another beautiful sight on the golf course.

Love the "eyes".  

Bumble helping me work on concrete. 

She really is good with her constructive criticism. 

A sneak peek of one of the birdbaths.
I still have to stain and seal this. 
The dark areas are just where it is wet from rain.  

Will post the finished product next week.  
Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day!  

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Warm days and Merle.

Knock knock.....
Let us in!!!!

I have been a little slack about posting because I have been taking advantage of 
the beautiful weather we are having.  
Working on concrete (pictures in the next blog post...I promise)

In between thunder/hail storms that is....

This is what happens when you fall asleep around here. 
I get no respect. 

Beautiful Eastern Newt in the eft stage of life.

It has been very warm here lately.  

You can tell how warm it has been from the tongueometer. 

Eco in the shade.

Bumble watching me in the garden.

My flower beds are starting to really fill in.  

Bumble was in trouble the other day for trying to chase the mini mules.  
She was not too happy about it. 

Here is the little darling having her nails trimmed.

You can tell how much she likes it.  

This is a shot of our driveway.
I love the curves in it.  
It reminds me of a go cart track. 


Fabio...I mean Eco.

Sorry Eco.

This is Merle and Bumble.  
Merle belongs to Marie, LTM's wife.
He is a wonderful sweet dog and besides Bumble, he is the only other dog that Zippy gets along with.
When he hears a loud noise of any sort (thunder or hammering or shooting) he comes to our house.
He also knows how to open doors and when he comes up to the house, he just lets himself in. the middle of the night when the door flies open...we know it is Merle.  
He once opened the door and let Gus in with Zippy and Bumble.  Marie came up to get him and found
them all sitting on the sofa together watching T.V.

We love you Merle!  

That's it for today folks!
Over and out. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wildflowers, more morels, and a bored bulldog.

While searching for just one more batch of morels...
we have seen many beautiful wildflowers.
This is a Fire Pink.
I do not know why it is called a Fire Pink, because it looks more 
scarlet red to me.  Beautiful flower though. 

And....there it is!
We wanted to try these little beauties stuffed with crabmeat and grilled.
I have to say that this is the best so far of the recipes that I have tried.
Seriously....stuffed with crabmeat, covered in garlic butter and grilled!
How could it be bad?
It was so good...that I completely forgot to take pictures of the actual grilling.  

A very interesting vine.

I am bored with all of this wildflower talk..

My adventures are much more exciting than silly flowers.
Besides...I am a star...


did someone say they saw a star???



This is the flower of the Wild Ginger.

Very interesting flower and also very hard to spot.

The Wild Ginger including the plant.

Here I am.....THE STAR!
I am as beautiful as a flower....
my tongue is very petal-like.  

Loved the color in this shot.

The other day I looked down and noticed how beautiful the inside of 
my tulips were. 

Check this out!
It looks like a kaleidoscope. 

Bumble...."posing" in front of the tulips.

More fungi.

This is the inside of a Mountain Magnolia.

Beautiful trees!

Imagine my delight and surprise when I walked up on this!!!

A gorgeous Lady Slipper.

Just look at that!
These only grow when a certain fungus is present in the soil.
Never move them. 

This is not a wildflower
it is one of my tree peonies. 

This is the other tree peony that I have.

It has 4 blooms getting ready to open.  

More morel hunting scenery.

This fellow had just emerged from it's cocoon.

excuse me!

I did not see you....
just passing through folks sorry to disturb you!

This beautiful flower is modeling the latest in dandelion wear.

Have a great week folks.
Sorry for the late post.  My morel hunting obsession has taken it's toll.