Monday, October 25, 2010

Even More Color and Wildlife!

Do you see the bear?
He/she is in the center of the photo. 
The rear of the bear is facing the camera. 
I know it is hard to see, but my little wildlife camera 
has a rather weak flash and it was about 12 feet away.   

Here the bear is again.  On the right side of the picture.  
The bright little dot is the bear's eye.  
He is in basically the same place as the coyote below. 

I know you can see this guy! 

Mr. Coyote

Turkey Vulture

Okay..."bear" with me here.  Hehehehe.
I have a LOT of pictures!  

This is a view from the golf course.

Here you can see the flags and the dirts (greens)
We call them dirts...because they are dirt.  

I thought it would be fun to get a picture of the ball up in the air. 

There is also a bit of dirt flying.  

Another ball shot.  
The ball is pretty small in this one.

No ball here,  just beautiful color. 

I liked the way the clouds were spreading out in this one. 

I have stained my arbor. 

I think it came out pretty good!  

I have to seal it now.

The sealer will make it a little darker. 

Zippy of course had to get into the picture.  

I guess that I should have moved the stool.  
It kind of snuck into the picture.  

A close up shot. 

Still getting some color. 

The minis are getting their thick winter coats.  
Otis (on the right) always gets a very thick coat.  Last year it was about three 
inches thick.  

La la la.....Time for a walk!  

Hi folks!!!  

Are you bored yet????

I know, what you really want to see are more pictures of ME!!!

Oh brother, I am getting out of here.  

It is really getting deep.  

Glowing tree.

Beautiful, colorful woods.  

Hey!  Here I am!!!  

Berries on the thorn apple tree.  

For some reason...most of the leaves that are left are yellow.  

Even the maples that usually turn a bright red were more of this orangey color.  
Possibly caused by the high winds that we have had. 

We had these low fluffy clouds the other day. 

Just beautiful!

The light was fantastic. 

Elk Knob of course. 

I could not get enough of this kind of day! 

Is that Bumble!  


If you made it to the end of this long long blog post and you want to see something 

Here is a link to a story about Pearl the pumpkin.  
I am in it.

Also.....Bumble wormed her way into the story.  

We are 5 minutes into the video.  

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More beautiful fall shots!

I am going to start with a beautiful scene in my "neighborhood" I mean 
a little self promotion is okay....right?
Anyway...this beautiful land is for sale.

Blowing Rock Real Estate...
View of beautiful Snake Mountain.

Off now to a better place...
A little walk in the woods and open fields.

I like overcast fall days. 

The leaves seem to show up much better.

It has been a bit hazy, but I think it makes things look a bit 

I love the clouds and the coolness in the air. 

This is another benefit of overcast fall days.

Sometimes the sun will just peak through the clouds and 
suddenly....colors just start popping out. 
Then, your dog runs through your shot and there you have it.   

There is a little bird on the limb of this tree.  
He was chirping away when we walked past.  
I guess he was guarding all of the berries on that tree. 

Zippy is looking for a deer or squirrel to chase here.  

Really he is just looking for an excuse to run into the woods...
and to get into my picture.  

Bumble...what's up?

I kind of go into color overload this time of year. 

I love all of the leaves blowing around and the ground becomes more colorful 
with every gust. 

It is like walking on the most colorful shag carpet EVER.  
Even more colorful than that shag carpet my dad installed in 
our game room.  Ha ha ha.  

I am telling you....that was some bright carpet.  

You can see how the wind is blowing Gus' ears up in the air.  

I think the barn quilt looks great with the fall colors.

More wind.  We had 40+ mph winds last week and if 
the forecast is correct we will be getting more of that 

Just look at that color!!!

Oh no........flying bulldog.  

Watch out!!!!

Full speed ahead.  
Once Bumble did this and knocked my leg up in the air and I fell 
right on my backside.  

She can go fast, but apparently can not control her direction.  

Hello little cloud.....

My gosh....this tree was so bright!  

Snake Mountain.  

Here is that bright carpet that I was telling you about.  
I wish that I had a picture of the game room carpet.  
I am telling was BRIGHT!

So....I am walking along and the dogs took off....
I walk here because I know it is hunting season and well....I like venison as much as anyone...
but what I do not like are poachers and convicts hiding out in the woods...and...
I do not want to ruin anyones chance of bagging that big trophy. 
(I will have to tell you the convict story sometime.)  

I enjoy knowing where a hunter will be stationed on our property and surrounding properties...
most of us try to let our neighbors know when someone will be out. 
I is a smart practice to actually ASK the land owner if you can hunt......right?

Well.....what you can not see in the upper left is a poacher sitting next to a tree...
Bumble spotted him.  

So...I am standing there calling Bumble because she is barking and know that since I have such a keen awareness of all things in my universe....I did not see the guy until he actually moved.  I guess he was a little nervous about Bumble barking at him.  
I was a little upset that this person did not just say something to me initially....You know...
that way I would have felt a little bad about ruining his hunt.  
This is probably the same person that pried our gate off of the hinges to access our property
or the same guy that cut my neighbors fence in three places.  
Thanks dude....

This is why we call Zippy....Zippy.

Hello vulture! look like you can hardly make it back home.  

Oh wait.......a squirrel!