Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fall early winter event.

This has been such a strange fall...
First it started early.

Then it stalled.

Then, many of the normally bright reds and oranges..
just did not show.

We had lots of gorgeous color, but just different.

Lots of wind too. was in the mid to upper 60s for a week or so.

I loved that!!

So did Smudge and Zippy.

Hey!  Where are you Smudge?


The disappearing...

Reappearing bulldog.

Oh no!!!
Face plant.

No one saw that ......right?  

Silly dogs! 

Hey...throw me a pumpkin!

Oh no!!!  Someone had way too much fun.

Eco. Oct. 
It did this!!!
While snow is not unusual in Oct.,  this one was.
It was unusual because of the amount of snow that we ended up with.
We were very, very lucky in the fact that we only lost power for a few hours.
Also that we had food, water and a generator.

The temps were not that cold when it first started and the mules love the snow.

You can see May's little face in the shelter behind the mules.

They came in with the horses about 20 min. later.

We had some very strange snow drifts this time.

Got stuck in the driveway.

Smudge LOVED it.

Ollie too.

More strange drifting.  
I forgot to take the flag down and now our flagpole is bent.

The horses, mules and donkey were inside for two days with no turnout.
The snow felt like sand hitting you in the face.  The wind was very strong.
80+ mph at times. 

When they got to go back out, they were quite frisky.


Danza and Eco.

The only one that did not like the snow (and never does like it) was 
May...poor little thing. 

She would come inside the house if I would let her.
I wonder if she would use a dog door? 

Ha ha ha..

We have only one very small patch of woods that is immune to the wind.
I always like to go there and look at the trees. 
The snow is so beautiful on the branches.

Zippy plowing through.

Poor guy.....didn't make it.  

another one bites the dust....
(this is a jack-o-lantern)

You can't even see the stairs or the deck.

Glad to see some sun! 

Elk Knob State Park.

Zippy found (this bone has been out in the open for over a year)
this bone and decided to carry it (over a mile through some very large snow drifts) home.

I would like to say that my thoughts and prayers go out to all of the folks that have been affected by this  giant storm.  All of the folks that have lost loved ones and those who have lost their homes. 
Bless you all.