Monday, November 11, 2013

A long overdue post...Fall, Winter, and Life.

Scatter and Smudge have been having a small battle over the dog bed.

Scatter usually wins.

We had a small snow a couple of weeks ago.

Zippy and Smudge really had a great time playing in the snow.

So pretty with all of the gorgeous brightly colored leaves on the snow.

A quote from one of my favorite ladies....

Regarding winter:  "There is a privacy about it which no other season gives you...In spring, summer, and fall people sort of have an open season on each other; only in the winter, in the country, can you have longer, quiet stretches when you can savor belonging to yourself."  -Ruth Stout-

Way, way back in Sept....I attended the Giant Pumpkin Festival in 

I had a very very bad growing year....but..

I felt as if I should attend the lift and participate.
So, I took Miss Bea, the pumpkin.
There was stiff competition, and I knew that I had no chance of placing, but I still wanted to go and see all of the others and give my support to the people that had a good growing season.  

Am I glad that I went!!!  I got 10th place!!!  
A huge surprise and a check for 50.00.  
Miss Bea only weighed in at 390 lb.  
So.....better luck next year and congrats to the growers that won.  
The largest (above photo) weighing in at 1010 lb.  

I still had this large girl growing in the field and did not want to cut her for the festival.
She ended up at an estimated weight of around 600lb.  

Smudge met some really nice pups at the weigh off.

The largest watermelon at this weigh off was 290lb.

Better luck next year.....

All that matters is having fun!!!!

We even got to see Elvis.

My largest carrot of the season.

Bring that carrot a little bit closer.....

Forget it, Otis.....I already took care of that carrot.

We had Pumpkin Fest and I dressed up as Autumn.
Zippy was dressed as.....himself.
Had a great time with the neighbors and my family.

Beautiful Elk Knob.

One of our last hikes in the woods before deer season begins.

Darn it!!!!

That cat too over AGAIN!!!

The leaves were so pretty this year, but they did not stick around for very long.

Smudge got a new soccer ball.

She loved it.

Be gentle, Smudge. 

Okay....gently carrying my ball.....

You can barely tell that I chewed on it a little.  

See....Only a few bite marks...

Took this shot from my parent's deck.  

I miss the leaves already...

A very high hornets nest.

Eco and Oracle hamming it up.

They like the cool weather.

Silly horses.

Zippy on a recent walk.

He likes the leaves because they cover the sharp rocks in the road.

The little grey barn in the neighborhood.

Hey....I am so glad that you are not going to show those "other" pictures.
The ones that make me look silly.

Fall and Winter together.

Smudge LOVES to roll around in the snow.


She has been having more frequent seizures and we are discussing new meds....

Not fair...I say.

She has been having a rough time.

Hopefully we can sort it all out.

I think that we will.  

Peter Peppers.

Oh no!!!
Folks....please forgive these next shots..
The crazy lady has been at it again.....

Hey baby.

This kind of reminds me of Julia Child.

She needs a cleaver.

Here he is...
Rock star Zippy!!!

The wind makes him look rugged and dreamy.

This is my favorite.
He looks like someone from my past...
I think Zippy looks great with bangs. 

Holy kittens...what is that????
Ha ha ha ha....look at May....Ha ha ha..

Oh man....
That's what you get for laughing at others....

Okay....back to basics...
Beautiful fun fall shots.

This is a bulldog that is having great fun bouncing around in the leaves.

Playing joyfully and zooming all over the place.


What are you looking at???
Do I have something on my face???
Stop laughing.

Run Zippy!!
Catch that chipmunk!

This is her sexy Brigitte Bardot look.

Not quite sure who this is...but man she is sexy.

I know...Maybe she is Ginger from Gilligan's Island.
So feminine and beautiful.

One lonely little leaf....

My little escapee....out again.
At least he stays in the front yard.
I know everyone is wondering if we even have a fence....Well...we do and it was 
clobbered by a large tree branch...and of course Oracle saw his chance to escape.

Great day for a soccer game.

Let me out of here!!!

Smudge is wearing Red For Ed.  
In support of our teachers here in NC. 

Almost there!

The incredible leaf monster.

Getting closer.....
The remains of my last big pumpkin.

A very beautiful piece of stained glass by my wonderful friend, Jak Brewer.

Another of Jak's gorgeous pieces.

And.....another of Jak's stained glass.  
This one is incredible.  Love the sky in it. 
These (and others) are at Twisted Laurel Gallery in Spruce Pine.  

Until next time....
Thanks for visiting.