Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Painting, Drums, Riding, Concrete and Fun.

I realize it has been a while since I last posted.  
I have been fighting a cold that seems to be winning the battle.

The picture above is Bumble in her early days.
On the cuteness scale I give her very high marks.  
Really...Just look at that cute tail and those chubby cheeks.  

This is one of the paintings that I have recently finished. 
I call it... Contrails.  

This is a picture of a sundog.

It made a complete ring around the sun.

Unfortunately,  I was in the woods when I saw it and by the time I got out in the open
to get the picture, it was fading and this is all I could get. 
By the way....I ran up the trail to get the shot and could barely breathe when this 
was taken.  I am surprised it was in focus.  

Very beautiful no matter how you slice it.

I was fortunate enough to be able to ride recently and...well...Eco likes to run.  

So run we did.

His mane is getting so long...I just love the way it looks when he is going fast.  
I do have to admit that I enjoy going fast too.  He he he.  
Ride like the wind!  

Here I am trying to slow him down enough to get this picture.  
For an old man, he has a lot of spunk.   

I love my horse! 

The three little trouble makers....

This is another painting that I finished last week.  

My neighbor's barn and road from last winter. 

I have also been working on a little concrete side table.  

I used a leaf from Pearl's vine for the top.  

The stump base is lighter than this picture.  
Also not quite so red.
The lighting in the room was not the greatest.  I will have to take a shot of it outside sometime.  
That is when I can get someone to lift it for me....It probably weighs around 100 pounds.  
I can lift it, but I am not very reliable when setting it back down.  

I promised Lori from The Skoog Farm Journal, that I would post pictures of my husband's drum from Nigeria.  My husband was born in and spent his early childhood in Ogbomosho, Nigeria.  
His parent's were medical missionaries there.

This drum is from the time he spent there.  
There are handmade brass bells around the top and bottom.  
The strap and decorative cuffs holding the bells are leather with a fabric cover.  
Rawhide strings go from top to bottom and help hold the stretched hide onto the drum.  
There is also a stick to beat the drum with, but it is in storage and I did not include it in the photo. 
The inner portion of the drum (the body under the rawhide strings) is wooden and shaped like an  hourglass.  

Looks like someone was a little enthusiastic with their drumming as a child.  
The top has a hole in it.  

It is a very beautiful and well crafted drum and I am trying my best to take very good care of it. 

I found this beautiful stump in the woods the other day.  
The bark is off of it and it is as hard as a rock.  
I loved the swirly texture on the bottom right.  

And.....ANOTHER painting that I have just finished today!  

By the way.....all of these wonderful paintings are for sale.  
They make fantastic Christmas gifts!

Now for the crazed animal part of my post.  
I have no story to tell this time....well...because my brain is under water with this darn cold. 
So just some goofy pictures.

Scatter decided to sit on my Blue dog sculpture to get a better view of the 
little critter she was trying to catch.  
This was taken about two weeks ago.  I still had roses blooming.
That is unheard of for my neck of the woods in November!

Super Zippy flying through the air. 

He really can catch some good air.  

He also has really good form.  
I will give him a 10 for style and form.  

I would like to end this post with a great big

I hope all of you out there that may be reading this have a most wonderful time with your family friends and animals this Thanksgiving.  

We all are truly blessed! 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Adventure, Painting and Snow!

We have been having a lot of interesting weather lately. 

Here is super Zippy!  He is a super hero you know.  

Niether rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor rainbows....can keep Super Zippy from 
preforming his super tasks. 

Oh wait....that is the postal service motto....except for the rainbow part.

Super Zippy here...uh..to save.......um......something.

Along with his side kick Super Bumble.

They scour the countryside for evil villains doing dastardly deeds!

Wait a minute!!!

Why am I the side kick?????

Besides...Zippy is usually the one that is doing the dastardly deeds.  

I am not side kick material.....I am more...like.....well....the STAR of the show.  

I mean...just look at me. 

Yeah...but you can not fly through the air like I can...

The super duo has been tracking a sinister villain through the woods.

I think I smell something...

False alarm...it was just  a spider...

A Shamrock spider!

I am getting tired Super Zippy...

but I will do my best to help you find the sinister villain. 

I am sneaking up on something!  

It smells really really bad.

I wonder what it could be???

Oh sad little side kick....it is just a bone that I left here under the Hawthorne tree. 

Let's go trusty side kick..


Hey!  This time I did find something.  I used my super sensitive snout to find this. 

It is our arch rival....

Ricky the raccoon!  He is pure evil and we must find him before it is too late.

He has been this way!

Oh CRAP.....THAT is not Ricky raccoon....


I am getting out of here!!!!

Side kick or not..man..you are on your own!

That was a close one Stuper Zippy..

You mean SUPER Zippy.

Oh he he he...RIGHT.  

Wait....Let's go..

I hear the call of a lumberjack in distress!!!

We must fly to the lumberjack!!!!  

So Super Zippy and Super Bumble flew around 
searching and searching.......

and searching.....

Finally reaching the lumberjacks in distress!

They really look distressed.....ha

What can I do for you silly lumberjacks?   


Stump removal.......are you kidding?????

Apparently they were not kidding.

You know this is when that side kick would come in handy.

Just were is she???

Ahhhh.......It has been a long day....

Well...we had a very light dusting of snow on Friday.

The first one of the season. 

Ollie the snow mule.

Excuse me sir....what do you think of the recent snow???

Oh....I better not print that!

I grew these Peter Peppers this summer.

I am just not sure why they call them Peter peppers though....Hehehe.

This is my newest painting.  
I "think" that I finished it today.  


The end...