Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas fun and More.

Hold on to your boot straps folks...I am actually getting a new post out within
a reasonable amount of time.
What is up with that???

I never get tired of this little grey barn.
It is my neighbor's barn and I love it.

We had a big Christmas here...
Smudge is worn out. 

She got two new chew toys.  

The skies have been very beautiful lately. 

Dramatic and colorful.

I love the shapes of the dark trees against all of the color.

The shapes of the limbs and the land.

Twisting, turning, reaching.

Oh deer...what is this?  

Are you the evil little animal that has been eating my plants?  


Hey....I heard that my neighbor down the street has lots of nice tender flowers 
in her flower boxes....just wait until spring.  
I will show you the way.
Ha ha ha.

Zippy.....he loves lights.

Oh yes....
lights and cords.
Always wrapping himself up in my computer cords and knocking things off of the counters.

Hey lady.....cords I like......hats, not so much.  

Oh are so funny. 

A few glittery balls.
(I bet Zippy wishes he had some of those)

Oh man....I don't like cords or lights...
This is nuts.

Oh Smudge...
just look at how magical you are.
You look like a fairy princess...

Oh brother...
I bet the mini mules would like some lights.

Snow on Christmas Eve!! 

So.....I am the luckiest girl in the world....
I got this beautiful piece of glass as a winter solstice gift.
One of Jak Brewer's gorgeous creations. 
From his Hobbit series.

Let it snow baby!!!

The one true love of Smudge.  

I would like it too if you would take this hat off of my head.

Just let her do it, May.....stand there for the picture and it will all be over soon.


Is this good?  

Deer do fly.

Oh no!!!
She even made the leaves wear Santa hats.  

I know...
Christmas is over...but
I hope that you all had a great one!!

Just wait until next year, Zippy! 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A little Thanksgiving and Christmas.


This post is a history of the time between Thanksgiving and today.
I haven't posted much lately and have been in a bit of a holiday funk.
I was trying to figure out why and I think that it is because I have been worried.
I do not like the word.
It is really pointless to worry about things.
What happens....happens.
Worry is a waste of time for me.
I have decided to stop. 

Oracle doing his thing.

This is how he looks 87.3% of the time.

Smudge shaking her head.  
I love the sounds she makes when she does this.

Slobber flying and wrinkles moving.

I had some fun with Zippy and my camera.

This one cracks me up because it looks as if he is wearing shoes.

This one is my favorite.

Oh wait...maybe it is this one.

It went this!...this way...

And.....the dog bed war continues......


Loved the sun in this shot.

Zippy on the way to work. 
We are still working on a top secret concrete project.  
I may have pictures soon.  

This is the turkey that I made for Jak on Thanksgiving.

It was a bit tough....and chewy.
It was stuffed with a big jar of coconut oil.


Smudge and Otis love the snow.

Sweet little Otis.
He wanted me to open the gate so that he could run into the barn.

Shovel the steps, Smudge!!

Zippy wanted his coat.
I think it was around 15 degrees and very windy.
We did not go too far.

May eating her Thanksgiving pumpkin.
I also grow several heirloom varieties of smaller pumpkins.
This is a Galeux d' Eysines.  One of our favorites.

Smudge loves snow more than just about any other thing in the world.

She loves to bury her face in it.  

You can see where she was rolling down the hill.
Love the shadow of her tongue sticking out. Ha!

On the way down..


On the way up..

Starting over..oh wait....
no....jumping on me!!

Zippy is much more dignified in his snow play.

Lots of concrete.

This way to love and love stinks.
I also have a toxic love sign.
I know some people who need that one.  Ha ha ha ha..
Just really.

Smudge looking very dainty.

This is funny.
I thought that the shadows on her face made her look a little 
like a teddy bear.  
Could be the ears.

On the way back from picking out a Christmas tree.

I kind of missed this shot. 
I still like it though.

Smudge with her curvaceous figure.

Walking to the shop.

I love the way the branches of this tree are arranged. 

The shadows along the road here are wonderful.

Smudge patiently waiting for me....Ha!

Zippy also helps at the shop. 
He is my size indicator.

May wishes that she could help at the shop. 
Maybe one day I will take her.  
Don't tell anyone. 
Especially the guy that owns the shop.
Ha ha ha.
I don't think that he would notice the hoof prints.

Smudge showing off her beautiful curly tongue.
Not all dogs can do this.

This picture is really funny.
Smudge shaking her head and running at the same time.

My adventures are limited during hunting season (grrr).
I hate being limited to road walking. 
However, I was happy to see these beautiful bluebirds the other day.
I know that they are hard to see, but trust me....Look in the center of the photo and you
will see one flying. 

Let's go!!!

We had an unusually warm day recently and Smudge took a dip in her favorite

Drool and algae....

This is a piece of Jak Brewer's glass.  
It is absolutely gorgeous.
Unfortunately it was broken in half.  I have the pieces and will be using them in a 
concrete project.  It is going to be gorgeous. 

A hawk being chased by two crows.

On the way to Jak's house.

Zippy likes to drive.

Oh brother...

A lovely frozen spider web.

I think that this is where the blue birds live.

This is one of my neighbors.
He looks a little grumpy, but he really isn't that bad.

Another shot of the same spot in the road. 
I really like that Hawthorne tree....and the fence..and the road...
and Smudge.  

A frigid Queen Anne's Lace.



Wait...why am I running?

Who knows...just run!!

Zippy after rolling in poop.

The barn quilt. To Grandma's house we go.

Ho ho ho!!!

Another gorgeous evening.

A little Christmas light fun.

Beautiful colors!!!

This is what happens when I get bored after a glass of wine. 

This is my favorite one.  
A Christmas tree shot with a wine glass filter. 

I am taking a nap because this post is so darn long.....
I hope that the next post has more pictures of me in it. 

Don't worry, Zippy (remember we stopped doing that) will..
Ha ha ha haha. (evil hand wringing laugh)

Beautiful Eco prancing in the fog and sun. 

Yay!!!  More pictures of me!!!

Wait.....this could be bad....

Oh won't be THAT bad...
Ha ha ha
Stay tuned for some fun!!