Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas fun and More.

Hold on to your boot straps folks...I am actually getting a new post out within
a reasonable amount of time.
What is up with that???

I never get tired of this little grey barn.
It is my neighbor's barn and I love it.

We had a big Christmas here...
Smudge is worn out. 

She got two new chew toys.  

The skies have been very beautiful lately. 

Dramatic and colorful.

I love the shapes of the dark trees against all of the color.

The shapes of the limbs and the land.

Twisting, turning, reaching.

Oh deer...what is this?  

Are you the evil little animal that has been eating my plants?  


Hey....I heard that my neighbor down the street has lots of nice tender flowers 
in her flower boxes....just wait until spring.  
I will show you the way.
Ha ha ha.

Zippy.....he loves lights.

Oh yes....
lights and cords.
Always wrapping himself up in my computer cords and knocking things off of the counters.

Hey lady.....cords I like......hats, not so much.  

Oh are so funny. 

A few glittery balls.
(I bet Zippy wishes he had some of those)

Oh man....I don't like cords or lights...
This is nuts.

Oh Smudge...
just look at how magical you are.
You look like a fairy princess...

Oh brother...
I bet the mini mules would like some lights.

Snow on Christmas Eve!! 

So.....I am the luckiest girl in the world....
I got this beautiful piece of glass as a winter solstice gift.
One of Jak Brewer's gorgeous creations. 
From his Hobbit series.

Let it snow baby!!!

The one true love of Smudge.  

I would like it too if you would take this hat off of my head.

Just let her do it, May.....stand there for the picture and it will all be over soon.


Is this good?  

Deer do fly.

Oh no!!!
She even made the leaves wear Santa hats.  

I know...
Christmas is over...but
I hope that you all had a great one!!

Just wait until next year, Zippy! 


  1. We can tell that you all had a very merry Christmas! We love all of your pictures!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  2. Oh my! I love your pictures. Smudge you are a crack-up

  3. I tried the light thing with my dogs this year and it was a bust. Yours always turn out so well!

  4. I love the bare trees against the color-filled sky -- like stained glass!