Sunday, December 30, 2012

A few Christmas photos and Snow!!!

I think he found his pot-o-gold.

A snow face.

I am glad he is smiling.  

My nephew and his wife made these cute little place cards.
The sleigh is made of a candy bar and a pack of raisins.

On Christmas day (and every other holiday) my tradition is to take Zippy for a long walk.

Zippy does not get to go visit family with us on holidays.

He is much happier at home and I don't have to worry about his 
bad attitude when it comes to other dogs.  
(It is never Zippy's fault though...those other dogs have bad attitudes too)...Ha ha ha

My sister hosted our family for Christmas.

My lovely mom and Zac Efron look alike, Bryan.
He is looking for a case anyone needs a hard working young man that looks like 
Zac Efron.  

Beautiful tree.

Beautiful dining room.

This is Max.

Max enjoyes his blanket and also sneaking up behind Smudge and gooching her in the rear.

I guess winter has arrived.....

The ice is beautiful, but so damaging. 

Makes my blue dog look a little rabid.  

Along with the ice....there was snow....and wind.

So beautiful!!!

This well as last year....I decorated my tree with cards and Smudge proof 
This card was my favorite....sent by my SIL, Betty.
It says..
"May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night and a smooth 
road all the way to your door."  

So beautiful outside when the snow sticks to the trees.

This is Otis...the mini mule.
I took this photo of him and then started walking down the drive.

Took this shot and heard little hooves zooming past me.

I thought....oh look at how pretty that is.....Otis looking out into the woods..

Then little Otis decided to put on a show for me.

I think snow does something to everyone....and everything...if you consider Otis to be a "thing".

It brings out the child in us all.

It makes me smile and it just makes everything look so clean and new.

I love that.

It is magical and beautiful. can be annoying if you miss your flight or if you have to drive in it....


If you give it a can make your day change.

Snow is fresh and new....
Bright and soft.

Exciting and fun.

For all of the snow haters....I challenge you to put your 
boots on and take a walk in it.

I know that you will have a smile on your face before you go back in.

You may even jump for Smudge.

Have a great New Year!!!

Oh no....they are back....Skunks!