Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pumpkin Fest 2010

Hi everyone!  

We are getting ready for Pumpkin Fest!

My folks have this party every year to celebrate the giant pumpkins. 

That and well....we like to have fun around here.  

My gator full of baby pumpkins.  

This is Mary the pumpkin being lifted.

Please do not put your ball under there!

Mary....you sure are a beautiful color. 

See ya later Mary.  

They take the pumpkins to the Pumpkin Fest site.  

I love it there.  

We are slowly assembling the pumpkins.  

See Peanut?  

She is a funny looking pumpkin.  

Pearl is in the background with all of her family and friends. 

Who is that????

Ha ha ha....

What is going on here????

Food did someone say food???

I am out of here!  

Someone else take over. 

Hi!...  I am Jill


This is my sister, Karen.

She thought it would be funny to dress up like me as a child.

Ha ha ha.  

This is my family 

Nice looking group. 

Once upon a time, my father and I were having a discussion about the wind chill factor.  

We were both making separate points and neither one of us were paying attention to what the other was saying.....
We were both getting frustrated and I said....So you are calling me a stupid idiot!
He said.....I did not call you stupid.

Good times.

I got my makeup tips from Adora Batbrat.
I would like to say that I am sorry Adora.  I did not have anything with lace that was 
warm enough to wear.  I did my best.

Adora has some great makeup tutorials on Youtube. 

These guys are Olympic athletes.

More family.....

My mom dressed up like Pearl.  

We have a lot of really creative people around here.  


 and I mean always... have a box of colorful wigs at your parties.  

Look at these cute little chicks.

There you are AGAIN!!!

I really do need to figure out how to get her back!

Where did this guy get his hair.

I just love my neighbors. 

We always have a table set up for pumpkin carving.  
When it gets dark, we put the pumpkins on the large rocks behind the fire.

My witch of a neighbor....ha ha ha.

Just kidding Kaye!!!  

Kaye took lots of pictures.  Thanks for letting me use some of them!  
More pictures on Kaye's blog.  
Loved her witch outfit.  
Thanks Kaye for the great food! 
I really am going to keep your pan.  

We even had a couple of rocket scientists at the party.  

Look at this group of trouble makers....Ha ha ha.   
Just joking ladies.  
You look fabulous and you are not trouble makers!!!! 
Great food makers and pie makers!!!

Thanks for all of the goodies. 

Really Kaye.....Just kidding......
Do not turn me into a frog.  
I "promise" that I will give you the pan back.  
Ha ha.  

The pumpkins.

The fire.

I love taking pictures of fire. 

At one point the fire got rather large.  
"Someone" threw a bag of fire starters onto the fire.
The crazy cat lady almost got singed.  

Pumpkin Fest sure does make me tired!!!

The End......Until next year


  1. Now I really wish I lived wherever this is! This looks like so much fun.

  2. Now that is a lot of fun and activity for one little Bull Dog. No wonder you're tired Bumble.

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  4. You sure had a great punkin fest. Your humans are all funny looking. Wait til they dress up for Halloween. Wonder why we can lift our punkins with our paws and you need a crane and a Gator and lots of help.
    nitey nite
    Benny & Lily

  5. HAHAHHAHAHAHAA - you made me hoot! You gotta let me have the pan back 'cause it's what I'm fixing our lasagna in! But, please - feel free to keep the pot holders . . .

    It was the best PumpkinFest ever!

    You're a frog!
    Your witchy (that's with a "w!") neighbor.

  6. WOW - those punkins are huge! So cool! Weezer and I were drooling over all the fun you had and all those pretty punkins.

  7. That was the most interesting pumpkin fest I have ever seen! Lots of good sports in your neighborhood. Beautious maximus.

  8. Hi
    It's amazing, but this morning i am talking (in my dream...)with 'someone' but i woke up earing: 'and i have 2 girls, Jill and Karen'...and i look in google...maybe it's you or not...doesn't matter !!! Just for fun !!!
    Greetings from Portugal. Pedro