Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!!

Well.......I have had my Bumblebath and I am ready for a great 4th!  

My mom and dad usually ride their horses in the parade.
This year however, they are not going.  My dad says he can not control his horse with one hand and 
well , if he were to fall off of that wild Oracle......Not a good picture.  Not to mention the fact that some of the people in charge of the parade wanted the horses to wear diapers a couple of years ago.  Ha ha ha.  Horses in diapers.....that is funny.  A pooper scooper would be better.  Ha ha ha.  

Personally I am glad that they are not going.  Then I get to do something fun!  Ha.  

This is Eco from a past parade.  

Glitter glue stars!

The parade in Blowing Rock will not be the same without the horses.   Horses helped build this beautiful country.....It is the 4th.......Independence Day!   It seems that the people there have an aversion to horse apples and well, horses do make apples.   Part of life and makes a pretty darn good composting material.  Just ask the giant pumpkins growing away in the yard.  I mean is just a little grass and water mixed together....What's the big deal anyway?  It is biodegradable....Probably less bacteria in there than what is on the bottom of your shoes.  

Oh well. 

Hope everyone parties responsibly.  No drinking and driving!  Just stay home like me.  
P.S.  I like horse apples.  


  1. I don't think that you could take a bad photo Bumble! Priceless!!

  2. Oh my word you are the cutest thing ever! Looks like you are starting the pawrty already. Have fun
    Benny & Lily

  3. Is Eco spanish bred? Criollo or Lusitano? Beautiful animal!!!!

  4. Teri my dear, you are spot on! He is a Paso Fino Colombiano! LOVE LOVE LOVE him!!! Thanks!!!