Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Weigh off

Well the day finally came for the big weigh off. I decided to take my squash (the grey/green one above) and the only pumpkin that I had that did not have a split in it. Let me tell you, it was hard to cut the cord......I mean stem. I am having pumpkin withdrawals.
This is the smallest of my three babies.....I mean pumpkins. I estimated this one to be around 360lbs. It now lives in front of The Best Cellar. One of my favorite restaurants in Blowing Rock, NC. At least I can go visit.

This is on the way to the weigh off. Small, but solid and beautiful. You should see the looks you get as you are driving down the highway with a giant pumpkin. Lots of double takes.

Here she is being unloaded and placed into the line up. Just look at the form and color. The even ribs and the texture of her skin.

I went to the weigh off thinking...."I will never win anything, but it will be fun to just show up with a pumpkin and support this wonderful local event." Hehehe......I won SECOND place!!!!! Most of the guys that were coming with larger pumpkins had problems with the pumpkins "going down". That means rotting to all of you non pumpkin growers. When these things go down they really go down. Down, down, down......That is what my Grandma used to say when you asked her how she felt. So, here I am accepting my check for second place pumpkin. By the way, I only missed first place by 10lbs. I am also sporting my new Alpaca hat that I purchased at the craft part of the festival. Oh...........I almost forgot....She weighed 406 lbs. Tiny really.

Okay.......this gets even better..........You remember the squash that I mentioned earlier? I won FIRST place in squash!!!!!! So what if I was the only one entered....I am still the champion! My husband is getting a little tired of me telling him that..... Here I am getting another check and a beautiful plaque. The watermelons in the picture weighed 116 and 118lbs. Wow.

Just look at that beauty. I would like to put a special note here to thank my husband for all of the heavy lifting and my horses, mules, and mini donkey for the fertilizer. Thanks guys! I also want to thank Mountain City for the wonderful festival and we will be back next year bigger and better!


  1. Congratulations on your winnings. Hope you win with a larger one next year.

  2. Incredible - congrats - they are gorgeous

    This is so exciting i grow pumpkins in my yard too - my little sister started them years ago when she was a little kid and we get 15 - 20 pumpkins every year - but they are only 10 - 20 lbs - but i guess doggie fertilizer isnt as good as horse and donkey!!!

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ