Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!!!  
(My dad when he was a wee child)
I know my post is a day after Father's Day, but things have been a bit busy this past week.

First..."we" detailed my dad's little red sports car as a partial Father's Day gift.

Then we had to spruce up the yard and gardens for a beautiful bride.
More on that below.

Then we had to take a walk.

We also had to feed and maintain the beasts.

I took these shots at night after seeing some of Lori Skoog's photos of her beautiful gardens at night. 
Love the bright colors!

This climbing rose is incredible!!!

You may all wonder why on earth I would have to wear a leash...
Well this nice lady Sandy Keys came over to photograph a beautiful bride (bride blurred to protect the time honored secrecy of the dress) in my yard.
I thought she really wanted to take pictures of know...
because I am so cute and all.  

I am so sparkly clean and I do smell good.  
At least Zippy thinks so.  

Hey...over here lady!!!

At any moment she will see me...and start snapping pictures like a 
I star-like qualities bright.
Who can resist such a cute face?  

I will just sit here and wait.

Hmmm....I guess that I will just have to do something to get attention.  

What can I do???

I tried mowing her down with a big stick and that didn't work..
I am going to have to find something...
Something to elevate my 

How about this folks???

Ha ha ha....

Have a great week!!!  


  1. Aren't night shots fun? I'm so glad Bumble was able to help you with the detailing of your father's red sportscar...he must be some dude! Looks like all is well down there. Your beasties could not be more adorable.

  2. come on...roll in the mud then tell Zippy to go get the lady that is not paying attention to you. The nerve!
    Benny & Lily

  3. love the side shot...she looks like a cartoo character in it

  4. Jill..our garlic will be ready in about 3 weeks. It is German White, full of flavor. We have about 2500 plants and it goes fast as much of it is seed stock and other farmers buy it to plant.
    Just let me know what you want. Gary ships it all over the place.

  5. Very sweet of you to clean Dad's car for him! I cleaned my dad's tractor.(he let me borrow it and I got it a little um... muddy...oops)
    Bumble, you are quite the model. I wish Lily could see these lovely pictures of you, but she is still in the bed getting her beauty sleep.
    (At 10:00am for Pete's sake!)